"bouquet Of Flowers"

Ok so if you have read my stories you know I am bi and my BFF ( I will call her Ashley) have ********** with my husband this is about the first time doing any anal play we have only been doing this for a short time at this piont.

"Bouquet of Flowers"

Ashley my husband and I had a ********* the night before and we all fell asleep in bed together when I walk up I found a bouquet of beautiful wild flowers with a note that read

“Hope you two have a great day off
I love you both deeply
Have fun on the beach”

I leaned over and started kissing Ashley all over which of course woke her up. She smiled and I pointed to the bouquet and Ashley thought it was so sweet that he included her in the “I love you both”. Ashley had to go to the bathroom and then came back. I was on my back and she got on top of me straddling my leg with her wetness and rubbing it into me as we kissed and kissed. I pulled Ashley up to straddle my face and she was so wet for me. She came quickly and her cream flowed into my mouth. I love it. We kissed more and Ashley said she wanted me until I had to push her away. I got to the point I had to stop her. My **** couldn't be touched anymore, but so much pleasure from her had I received. She knows I love her and my husband to tongue my butt so she moved there and rolled me over. Ashley raised me up in the rear, spread me open and gave me all the wet tongue I could want inside and out. I was on fire I was so hot. Then, I felt her finger sliding in my butt, and she said stop her if it hurts. It didn't hurt I was so wet there too. It felt really good, as Ashley went in deeper until she had it all the way in. She asked should she stop and I told her to move it inside me. She wiggled it inside and then started to stroke me with it. This was hot, as I started moving on her finger. I told her faster, I was going to ****** and I did. I told her what an experience that was. She pulled her finger out and smiled. She is so hot. Did I give it all back to her? Of course what are BFF’s for LOL. That night we let my husband **** are ***** hard for the first time for us both. It was great about two weeks later we did are first DP with strap-on in are ***** and him in are *** have been doing it ever sence.

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Mmmmm. Lovely.

That was a nice story. I wish we can have a foursome. I will eat all of it

Wow ! how sexy and hot ! Beautiful for all 3 of you !

Damn you guys sound like you have the perfect relasionship

Oh.................soooooo hot!!!

Wow! Now that is an incredibly sexy story. Your stuff sets me on fire, thanks.