I Have Created An Anal Freak

I have a very special woman that I have met here on EP. She has given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for and that is her total submission. That was the first and greatest gift the second gift was she was an anal virgin.

During one of our many conversations on the phone she disclosed to me that she had never had anal sex. We are in a LDR and I knew that if she was to totally submit to me then I would have the honor of being the first to take that anal cherry. I lined up a day where I would not be busy and informed her she would need to take a day off work. She agreed and we set it up. i laid out a list of items she was to have at her disposal and the date was set.

Even though this is a LDR I was determined as her Dom to make this date a day she would never forget. I assured her this would be pleasing to both of us and reminded her of her safe word. I sent her all the things she would need and that I was pleased to know I was going to take her somewhere she had never been before.

I called her the morning of our date and told her she was to take a hot long bath and when she was done she was instructed to have the items on the list at her disposal and call me when she was fresh out of the tub. When she called that she was ready for me I had her start with light foreplay. She had a bucket of ice and she was instructed to rub the ice all over her nipples. The sounds on the phone were driving me crazy with lust and i had to dig deep to not rush anything,.She was instructed after a period of time to play with her ***** but not ***. Then I instructed her to lube her finger and give her *** a nice and slow fingering. Her moans we driving me over the edge but I had to prove to her that I was in control. After she had two fingers working her ***** I told her it was time for the butt plug. In a whisper I got a "yes sir". i told her to add some lube to the plug and slowly start working it in. As i listened was so damn hard and I wanted to be there! She let out a low growl and informed me the plug was all the way in. I asked if she was okay and how it felt. She said she was fine and that it felt good. That was great news because we were just beginning. I informed her to take Blue which is her 8" ***** and begin with just the head put it in your *****. I needed her to be teased before the true ******* began. After about ten minutes of blue just rubbing the outside of her wet ***** and the head only inside her I said "sink that ***** deep inside you now"! The moan I got on the other end of the phone damn near made me ***! I instructed her to **** her ***** deep and hard with the ***** while the butt plug was buried in her ***. I could hear form her moans that she was giving herself a good deep ******* in her wet *****. I told her to put her nipple clips on and continue ******* her *****. Of course her reply was "yes sir".

Now that she is being ****** in her ***** and her *** if filled with the butt plug i needed her to *** for me. I instructed her to rub her **** while she was working the ***** in and out of her *****. from the sound of her moans and breathing I could tell she was close. I said *** for me! and she let out a scream and said "I am ******* for you sir"!

I gave her a few minutes to catch her breath and told her to get cleaned up and that I would contact her for the afternoon session. At that time I informed her the afternoon session would consist of her ******* her *** with that 8" ***** and that I would let her know when.

I texted her and said I would be calling in an hour. She replied that she would be waiting. When I called I asked if she was ready for a true anal experience. She said she was and that she would do anything I requested.

Once again I had her start with some heavy petting and light ***** play. I told her this time we were going to reverse the toys. After about ten minutes of play time i instructed her to once again finger her *** and get it lubed up. I could sense the apprehension in her voice when I asked if she was ready for Blue. She said she was fine and that she had been on pins and needles all afternoon waiting for me. I told her we were going to go very slow and that she had the safe word if she needed it. I told her to take the head of blue and slowly pop it in her ***. She said he was in. I told her to just let the head rest there for a second. She told me she was so wet and that she would do anything I asked. I was so ******* hard knowing she was going to give me her virgin *** and that she would do anything for me! i told her to start to slowly add more of Blue to her as. She was moaning so loud it was driving me crazy. i asked how much she had in and she said a few inches. I told her to keep working in as much as she could until she couldn't take any more of the length. she told me she had him all the way in except for about an inch and that she felt so full. I had her on speaker phone and i told her to start pumping him in and out of that tight ***! Slowly! just slide him in and out of your *** nice and slow. I could tell she was wild with the notion I was ******* her *** over the phone. I asked her how she was doing and she said fine and that it felt SOOOOOO GOOOD! Now that she had adjusted to blue deep in her *** and i knew she was okay it was time for *******. I told her I wanted her to **** herself deep and hard with Blue and the noises over the phone were driving me crazy! I had her **** her *** deep and hard with Blue for fifteen minutes and I couldn't take it anymore. I pumped my **** and came like a geyser! I yelled into the phone that I was ******* and she screamed back that she was too!

After we both caught our breath we both had a little laugh. She told me she had no idea how great it would feel to have her *** filled with **** and the only regret was that it was not mine that took her virgin ***! i said me too but thank you for giving it to me the way you did and who knows? SOMEDAY???????????????????

Sorry if it's too long. By the way she is an anal freak now. FYI that *** is MINE only!

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May 12, 2012