Pressing For More Anal

I have been pressing my husband for more anal play over the past few month, more so than ever. The holidays proved well worth it. We had two weeks off and he came through for me. He told me he'd do whatever I wanted as long as the same went for me, plus I had to clearly write out everything I wanted him to do so he could prepare.

He was amazing!

We played anally together for hours each day. I had never *********** anally with a man until this, it was so much fun. He even did himself for my viewing and masturabatory pleasure. Then we connected anally with a doubled ended 18 inch toy. It was so hot. We rode it together and commented on everything we did. I love hearing and taking about sex so it was music to my ears and mind.

What a wonderful two weeks.
wifekinky4herman wifekinky4herman
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

We just had our summer vacation which was loaded with lots of sex: making love, oral after wards (69 our fav), oh my goodness the kissing all the wonderful kissing so much kissing and with all those added flavors and juices. We've been home a day and I am still wanting those flavors. Though I taste myself on him and on occasion will do it for his pleasure I hadn't ever gotten so into it as the past several weeks and yesterday! I smelled like I had been eating p***y all day long. My husband has been F***ing himself silly while I fingered and lapped up my juices. I also can't seem to get enough of him spreading his gorgeous a** and shoving fingers and toys inside.

Ask him to buy you a butt plug

We have several now.