My wife has nice hips, thighs and a butt that won't quit turning me on. I think she needs to be taken naked from the shower be several men, laid flat on her back, and held down while they take turns between her legs. Then roll her on her stomach, face down. Now tell me in great detail what you would do to her. While putting your hands up under her and fondling her nipples.
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lovely thoughts and desires Matt!

She'll be on all fours with her shoulders on the bed and her arse up in the air. I'll approach her from behind. Her index finger will already be on her ****. I'll pert her lips and slide my ****'s head along her slit up and down a few times until my tip will find her juicy and warm entry point and I'll slip in the head gently. Wobble my tool a bit so she'll know I'm on her g-spot, rub her gspot with my head until I feel her get ready for the whole thing. then push in all the way until my balls touch her hand. Work her out a bit, until she comes to the edge of the climax and then slow down, let her come down the precipice. Repeat a few times until she makes herself come by rubbing her ****. Watch her tight arse hole as it winks each time she gets close to *******, once she starts to come, stick one finger in her target and then two fingers until she's comfortable with it. Want more?