Prep Work

Hubby is telling me he is going to **** me in the *** by the end of this year.  I have not let him do this before, but have never been opposed to a little play.  The other night he got himself behind me pulled my bumb apart and licked kissed sucked and tounge ****** my *** for about an hour.  He then worked a finger in and out of my *** for a while slowly stretching me out so I can take his ****.  I was exhausted from the work out he gave me.  He positioned himself over my *** and will jacking himself off, streatched my *** with his other hand, and shot his hot cream all over my ***.  Then to top that off, he licked my *** some more cleaning all of his *** from me.

I have not been that turned on in a long time.  I actually begged for a replay the next night and it was just as HOT

funwife funwife
9 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Feels nice, doesn't it? Relax and enjoy!! If you rub your cl*t while you receive his tongue or c#ck, you will never want anything else.

I would love to do that as wife is not so

hehee i would prolly do that if the girl was really clean and i'm sure you are.... i dont mind my own *** Expecially if doing that short of thing makes the girl hotter :)

BigBoss - ******* hot all I can say

he licked his own ***? wtf

Nice experience.

He sounds like the perfect guy for you :-)

Girl, You sound like a fun wife

When the time comes don't forget to push back!