Anal Annie!

I love it when he rams his white penis back there, a little whoosh of air, and then total dominance back there; the hungry penis taking and giving pleasure. I wiggle my brown butt in ecstasy,there nothing more fun than being the receiving end of his penis. He takes it out, lets me see my work, the purple head, the veins throbbing on the underside; "Put that back in my anus, immediately!" I cry, as he, teasing slaps my melons together,explore my holes with his fingers, prolonging the agony. I surprise him. I push him backwards on to the bed and impale my anus on his erect penis. "Alright, you ASKED for this!" Whoosh and whoosh! Oh. oh-he means business this time; I can feel his stomach tense with the emotion. I laugh deliciously, he is NOT going to hold back-I wiggle my butt to make SURE he **********, making sure I squeeze my anal sphincter to make it diffucult to get out. "Ah you minx!" he is exploding before he can withdraw, the rest dribbles down toward my vagina; the surplus dribbled across my butt he rubs on my butt. It's so liberating when we both like it!
lgilkey06 lgilkey06
51-55, F
3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

You are awesome.

I love a woman that would let me impale myself in her *** or even demand that I do it. Awesome woman.

An ideal scenario