Her First Time

I was VERY privileged this afternoon to bring to a lady in our Pleasure Group her first experience with Anal intercourse. She was invited for a light late lunch and time in our hot tub with my wife and I. Lately we have been trying to entertain everyone in our Group (7 including my wife and myself) one or two at a time for a little more special time instead of being such a large group. This lady was widowed long before she should have been but has never remarried. We spent maybe an hour or so in the Tub. Just relaxing, talking about everything (and everyone) under the sun - just a good relaxing time.

She had told my wife at some time that she had never done anal but she has seen it done many times in our Group. We don't force anything on anyone. We try to stay considerate of one another's feelings and desire. This subject came up (Anal) while in the Hot Tub. She related that she would like to try this style at some point. Not one to bite my tongue, I said how about now. My wife glared at me as the lady said maybe, just a start though (whatever that means). Climbing out of the Hot Tub and drying off we headed for our Pleasure Room.

As we had had a light meal, my wife explained an enema might prevent any embarrasing events. She and our guest went into one of the bathrooms were her bowels were cleansed a couple of times. We use "spiked" enemas so usually at least two are administered. Both emerged grinning. As always we started with just a group hug, kissing and body rub. This is always such a turn on for me. In the process I felt a hand grab my **** but didn't know for sure who. Looking down, it was our guest. That gave me a message.

Laying on the bed with our gust between us, I went right for her nipples and licked, sucked, and chewed on them while stroking her **** and fingering her ****. My wife was nibbling on her ears and neck and massaging her abdominal area. I worked my way down and proceeded to start eating her. She was wet - oh my was she wet. I chewed her ****, labia, and got my face into her ***** as far as I could. She was starting to cook.

My wife had brought some anal toys and some lub from our toy cabinet. Once on her stomach, I opened her *** cheeks as my wife inserted a small, lubed butt plug, working it around. The guest said it realy felt good. When my wife thought something more was in order, she removed the butt plug, inserted a finger, then two and massaged around in her ***. I continued pulling her *** cheeks and rubbing her ***. My wife then inserted some anal beads. The first couple went fine. The next 4 made her jump but she indicated she was up to it so we went on. We ran the beads in and out quite a few times and removed them. I inserted two lubed fingers into her *** and GENTLY opened her *** hole. She moaned but said it felt good. After a few minutes of pulling and streching, my wife inserted another butt plug and massaged it into her *** hole. Pushing it in, our lady did grunt in pure pleasure. I didn't think we should go any further for now and suggested we stop for today. Our friend made it plain she wanted to go on. I had a hardon the some people would die for by then.

The girls talked about what might be most comfortable for Dee as this would be the initial penetration of her anal cavity by a ****. I didn't much care how we did it, I just wanted a ***** or *** hole around my ****. Finally, Dee decided a standing position was the way to go. I wasn't wild about this as it was the first time getting her *** ****** and I would rather have her on or up against something soas not to fall or give way. I finally convince both of them for her to lean over our massage table and grasp it for support.

With Dee hold the massage table for security, as my wife held her *** open for me, I approched a plced my lube **** head against her VERY WELL lubed *** hole. Making sure shee was ready for actual penetration she repositioned her feet and I put one arm around her waist for leverage and security. I pushed the head making VERY shallow entry. Keeping the pressure on her, I pushed some more and then the head was imbedded in her ****. She exhaled in a large volume. Making sure she wished to go on, I push slowly and gently. My wife shot some more lube down onto my ****. It was slightly warm and felt SOOOOO good.

I was impressed with Dee as she continued to accept my ***** way up her. The initial penetration was fully complete as my balls were against her ****. My wife was lightly rubbing Dee back and neck and sometime her hair. My wife lightly kissed Dee and told her my penetration was at its fullest now. She whispered to my wife how WONDRFULL it was and she wished she had done it a long time ago. She reached underneath herself and fondled my balls which made me give her a "jerk-pump" as I call it. She yelped OH! So I did it again. I then withdrew some and went forward. She seemed to be tolerant of the movements so I picked up the pace and moved my pelvis in a circular motion. That motion brought her back so I stopped the circular movements. I guess she just wan't opened up enough for that yet - I just continued in & out. I told her I could feel her *** muscles grasping my *****.

I knew that she had alreay has at least two small **** but she was getting kind of hard to control and stay in. I knew I was getting close and went ahead and dumped a sack full into her ***. In this position, I have a bad habit of pulling her hard and getting as far down into her bowels as I can, sometimes a violent movement.

I regretted the fact I finished her off some hard but she rose, hardly able to stand on her own, gave me a hug and big kiss. That smile is just about plastered on my forehead. She was well satisfied!

It will be interesting to see if she really comes to love anal now.
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Bring your wife (for ME) and we'll mount her in the Breeding Rack for Breeding. Then you may mount MY wife (Ann) in the Rack & breed her to the best of your ability!

FANTASTIC STORY. Can I marry you and your wife?

Another hot story! What is in those spiked enemas?