So Horny Today

Sometimes, being single truly sucks. I'm not a 'casual-sex' kind of girl. I want connection. Of course, today, I just want it. I want it bad. I want it nasty. And I want it thick and hard up my ***. I am so horny and just can't quite get there with my toys. SIGH Think I'm gonna go shower myself off with ice cold water and have a good cry!!!
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6 Responses Aug 11, 2010

My hart goes out to you!!!! ! Love Cryabay

Playing by yourself is always fun ... but sometimes, the only thing that can do it for you is when someone else is there to lend a helping hand.... hope you find someone soon to help scratch your itch!

Why a cold shower ? buy a butt plug !

You have no idea how many of us echo your thoughts... best of luck hun.

I certainly wish I was there to help you have what you desire.

Cold showers and consider the aquisition of a **** buddy. :( Best of luck!