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I love anal sex, and so does my wife.  The feeling of my **** in her *** is incredible.  And when I reach around and finger her while doing it, she really goes wild.

I would love to experiment more with receiving anal stimulation.  My wife has fingered my *** while stroking or sucking me, and it drives me wild.  She does more of a tease, not really putting her finger in very far.  Would love for her to go real deep, or even use a toy, although neither of us own any toys.

She knows I like it, as when she teases me like that, I tell her it feels so good, and I ask her to go deeper.  Up to now, she hasnt.

jasonk jasonk 41-45 5 Responses Mar 23, 2008

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buy a toy ask her to use it - sex is about pleasure giving and recieving - you give and get she gives and gets that is sex

Why not have a serious conversation over coffee with her about it? Explain your desires to her. Ask her what her desires are she never talks about. If you communicate with her you never know what you can learn and express to each other.

My husband likes when I finger his *** and do kind of a "come here" pointing motion. Says its amazing!

It is amazing... The feeling of something going in there, the muscle of the @nus speading... You will want more and more... Buy her a strap-on and get iton!

Just TELL her.