ANAL!!!!! Love It...

judy judy
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I want **** your tight *** I have 7.5 inch long and 4.5 inch thick **** will gone in your *** so tightly and you will maons in sweet pain oeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..****..****..**** my assssssssssssss

Somebody watched too many reruns of Band Camp...

do what too ? stick a flute up my ***??? how about I watch you do it

All of the comments are fine, and the grapes are a bit like anal beads, probably even better (my wife doesn't like the feeling of the string linking the beads), and of course you know they'll be evacuated sooner or later...but for the flute, don't try: it's too long, and the shape might tear the soft and delicate membrane of the rectum, causing a major infection...not to mention that, should it remain stuck if by a miracle it got in, it would be impossible to evacuate normally, and would call for a major and painful operation. It is kind of an urban legend, a but like the two gays one of which has some kind of cylinder up his rectum and the other one introduces a gerbil inside. Urban legends that may sound funny but really are very, very dangerous if some idiot wanted to actually try them. This being said, the tip of a flute or the narrow part of a bottle may indeed be showed a little bit up your *** - but they're not going to produce any pleasant sensations!

Is it really your story, or a carbon copy of Band Camp (the American Pie series movie)? A flute up your *** must hurt badly, especially if you're a virgin backdoorwise...

Yea I'd like to **** that lil redhead from that movie !!!

So would I! We could take turns between her butt cheeks!

it is so really nice<br />
<br />
<br />
join for doing in that way.........

lol Sasha :-)

I will never look at grapes the same way again.

you know what feels good

for a long time my wife would get anger with me if i ask her. so little by little i started playing with her a**h*** and i notice soon she would push back against my finger. when we **** doggie style, her favorite way, so i greased finger. she did't know i had done this. i started playing with her as usual. i held my finger dead center and when she pushed back my finger slipped right in. she froze for a second or 2 and let out a cry,she is very vocalwhen she c*ms, and started f**ing my finger telling me to **** her a** i shot my load right then a there. i got her a vibrating anal toy and she loves it. a few weeks ago she told me to try a get my d**k in her a**,which i glady did she used another vibrator on her p***y. what a ride. i didn't last long. she loves it so much she starts c****g and beggs not stop. she has one long ****** until she just goes limp. we been married 40 years and now i have a tiger by the tail. life is good. men if you interduce your wives to this sex act, be prepare. you might open the preverbial box. lavern

Do you find it messy ? My wife and I tried it once an it was very messy.

Well, sometimes **** happens...she should clean up a little before!

Don't grapes get like...stuck..or something?

I am amn and like to try my first time anal wit a nice woman to see how it looks!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
I also looking for others experience to learn some.

Hi Judy.<br />
Nice to see my wife is not alone in this, I dont know about a flute but we have purchased a vibrating but plug for when she feels lonely.

Grapes are some of my favorite things to to a big **** or a *****.