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well is anal sex good??? i never had anal sex.. what is it like???
sunsure sunsure 41-45, F 18 Responses Apr 15, 2012

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...more than happy to take your bum hole cherry !!!

I love oral genital mostly and it is a lot of pleasure and no risk. There is so much pleasure in giving a woman oral genital stimulation.


The only way to find out is to experiment with yourself and see how you react. When ************, try gently touching your anal opening with a lubricated fingertip, just before you are *******. If it enhances your ******, next time, push your fingertip into the anal ring and enjoy feeling the pulsation. Insert a soaped finger into your *** when showering too. You have to change your point of view about what that orifice is used for. Then, if you are in a sexual relationship with a man, ask him to massage your back then encourage him to move down. When he's massaging your cheeks, ask him to spread them and then "shyly" ask him to gently touch your little opening. Make sure to gasp audibly with pleasure (fake it if necessary) so he gets the message to go back there again, soon and often. Eventually, ask him to lick you there; and by then - if you keep acting turned on - he'll figure out that it's OK to think about putting his Johnson in there. And FWIW: If he goes real slow and you push out against him like you're going to the bathroom, once he's in there, you'll become addicted!


from a guys point of view it is the final offering a woman can give and a little naughty. it takes some time to work it in and the first time have to work up to it. the tight hotness is superb.
have you tried with toys or fingers?

It feels awesome. I've both given and received. It's tight when you give it and you can feel every pulse in their butt. And when you receive it feels just as good. I don't like much for lube when I'm taking a hard ******* in the *** but I use plenty when giving

i heard u have to use lots a lube... Havent found anyone to do it

It depends on what your into. I'd do it for I love it. Your first time you should probably use a lot of lube. My first time was dry. I like it like

Fabulous sweetie
With patience and gentle love it is beyond amazing

Thank u sammi

It is gross yuck why go with a woman & do anal you may as well be gay

Well, it depends on the guy, there is a lot to it...for you to enjoy it , the guy has to relax the muscles and be careful and gentle and lots of lube. If done right , it can drive you to heights of extacy like you have never imagined possible.

anal sex is really so enjoyable and give wild ****** to both i and my wife do anal sex 4 times in a week really and we enjoy both do try and enjoy this wild sex

I have always wanted my husband to **** me in the bottom but I have always been too embarrassed to ask. I sort of think it may be an abnormal thing for a woman to want and yet there are obviously many other women who partake. One of my fantasies is actually to have a butt plug in while he ***** me or to have a butt plug in my ***, a ***** or ben wa balls in my ***** and for me to suck his ****. That way I can feel like he is doing all three of my holes at the same time.

it will change your life if it is with the right person and i think you should add me

It is amazing

Well I posted in this forum how I came to like anal but my advice go slow use lots of lube they do have numbing lubeso that may help st first go slow and get small strong vibe to stimulate the **** oh my god the ****** starting off out may hurt out be difficult but hang in there also they have what is called an anal trainer it's three diffirent size but plugs they can help you or anal beads but I love anal

I agree,. Take your time and find someone to do it right. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Please add me so I may see when you post more. Thank you!

Thank u

In that case...find yourself a bisexual or gay partner (you can even advertise for it), someone who will not only know how to deflower your ***, but will definitely enjoy it as well...and make you discover how much your butt is sexual, not just a tool to poop and to sit down.

In that case...find yourself a bisexual or gay partner (you can even advertise for it), someone who will not only know how to deflower your ***, but will definitely enjoy it as well...and make you discover how much your butt is sexual, not just a tool to poop and to sit down.

well i don't have a love but thanks for the advise

OK, obviously you're in the wrong group: if you haven't had a **** up your butt yet, you can't claim to love anal sex. So take your panties off, offer yourself to your male lover doggie style, lubricate his penis making sure it's real hard, and tell him that you want him in the back door rather than in the front. He should go slow at first to stretch you well - although he has to open you up, and this usually will make you yelp, want to withdraw your butthole from his **** - that's when he shouldn't budge and hoild your hips as the glans opens your *** - and, for the first fews minutes, make you feel like you have an urgent desire to poop. After that, if he knows what he's doing, you'll both have a great anal sex session. Make sure he comes inside and that he gets you a clitoral ****** with his fingers as he buggers you. That he kisses you lots so you don't feel demeaned by the fact he takes his pleasure where you poop. Make sure to select a male who knows what he's doing. A number of women choose gay men or bisexual men for their first anal experience, because they know how to open an ******* and **** the rectum.