Cant Get Enough

Years ago I used to think anal sex hurt so bad but I have learned to love it and I can *** so hard from anal, still working on anal *******
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I haven't had any in years. I sure miss it.

WOW ! anal ******* is amazing.... I try anal and ***** ******* both on my partner

I love anal too. Maybe not ******* but a big and thick 10 or 11 inch black monster **** slamming in and out of me feels great. I only do that once in a while but I'm glad I decided to try it.

Anal sex is the ultimate non-ambiguity. There's nothing ambiguous or vague about having some guy's **** in your ***. You hate it or you love it. And sometimes you hate it at first and then you love it after doing it a few more times - which is your experience.

******* seems too extreme to me. But if you like it then do it and have lots of fun!!!

I want to know you fully. Let's create a budding friendship. I'm a very good man

Anal is the best

coupled with a prostate massage , it can be an explosive earth shaking ****** .with loads of ***.

I love girls that love anal and like to wear a strap on as well ...

That is so hot!!!

buffrider1 ... I GET OFF BIG TIME she does it for me!

I've never been ****** in the ***. I heard some guys reallly get into having their gf **** them with a *****.

just give it to me in the bum. lovely

Don't be afraid, she'll be gentle and the ******* you'll have will make her want to give you anything you want!<br />
<br />
If you don't want to read a "*** thread" MaleHumanWhite, then don't. You are obviously uneducated in human sexuality and have no business commenting in any mature group. That said, THANK YOU for your comment. It's so much easier to know who to block and who to friend when they expose themselves so readily.

My wife fingers my *** every time we have sex I am afraid to ask her to use a *****

my wife wants to **** me up the *** wiyh ***** then when i get used to that she says she would like to see a guy **** me . dont no about this but she has always done everything i wanted her to so i guess she has taken lots of ***** in her ***** and mouth so i will try a **** for her.

You just need to use lots of lubricant and go slowly.<br />
If it isn't working then make sure the 'fist', hand or whatever is fully lubricated, and use an applicator to lubricate inside.<br />
It's wonderful.

Trust me. Just because you are learning the joys of anal play does NOT mean you're going to be chugging **** next week. I happen to enjoy anal play, and have NO desire to be with a man. Believe me, your sexuality is what It is. Just my two cents. What amazes ME is how many WOMEN find it hot to **** their man like this. I think its cool to let your man discover new things without making him feel ashamed, ya know?

I just discovered anal sex 5 days ago and I am sorry that I did not discover it sooner. I have used my fingers, cucumber and a 8 inch *****. Now I have a anal plug on at work. I love it. Is this just a phase? Where will it stop? I am not interested in men.

Nice to hear some success stories on ladies enjoying this subject. The art of anal is patience and loads of lube.good luck on the ******* we have tried vaginal ******* but the wife much prefers anal intercourse.

I found that the more relaxed I am, the easier I stretch.