All That And Then Some Anal

We're in the back seat of his car. He lays his head in my lap. I stroke his hair and say, "Your ears are cold". He says, " Your leg is warm" and runs his hand down my leg until he gets to my foot and slips off my boot strokes my heel and lays it in his lap. He starts to nuzzle my ***** and I can feel legs shaking, my heart racing. He asks if I'm okay. I say, "I'm excited". He hums, pulls my legs apart and nuzzles my ***** through my panties again. He hums again and pulls my panties to the side. "What's this?" He asks. I force myself to say, "My *****". He hums and presses his tongue softly against my *****, takes a finger and presses it against my ****.

"What's this?" he asks. I gasp, "My ****" and I feel his tongue slide over my whole ***** before he starts to tongue **** me. I start bucking against his face and tell him to put a finger in my *****. He starts to finger **** me and I nearly *** before he stops all of a sudden, pulls me on top of him and starts licking my neck.I'm shaking, trying to pull off my panties and suck on his ears at the same time while he unbuckles his pants and I slip on top of him. He's become familiar now and it feels like a reunion tonight. We start to **** hard and deep but just as I'm about to *** again he pulls out and flips me around so my ***** is in his face and I can suck his ****. We 69 each other for a while and I get to taste his precum and start moaning when I feel his finger slip over my ***.

Suddenly I feel him push me forward a little and he starts to enter me. I always have a hard time not ******* as soon as he starts. *** sex is just the best. I get to buck as hard as I want and he won't slip out and he **** and **** while I press my **** and he fingers my *****. The cramped space of the car makes it even more intense because I feel like I can't get away from him no matter how hard I *** and I just love it. Every time I think of it I can't wait to do it again. When he pulls out I hear a loud popping sound and we both try to catch our breath, stare at each other blankly and wait a minute before we cuddle and try to pull our thoughts together enough to drive home.
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May 7, 2012