Out of choice I kept my virginity until I was sure the right guy had entered my life; several men tried to seduce me I never fancied one enough to let them have me,although I had my fantasies. As a result I had a reputation of being 'tight' which in local slang meant frigid.
After a few dates with my husband to be I knew my hymen's days were numbered which left me quite apprehensive. Confiding in him was the best thing I did as he made sure it was popped under romantic circumstances and was firm but gentle. After I had to wonder at why I had made such a fuss about it as my body experienced delights and satisfaction I had only read about.
Later as we were discussing marriage plans,a work colleague joked that for luck I should give my bottom up so my husband could experience a virgin on his wedding night.Although aware of the practise I had not thought about it. The ensuing banter/talk produced a predictable mixed reaction with some thinking it was disgusting with others more enthusiastic, although they may have been winding me up. One said it was an act of submission to my husband which half appealed to me; although we treat each other equally my experience of having my hymen broken by him left me wanting him to be slightly dominant in sexual matters. Another,who I did not like and who was jealous of me, commented with some relish that I needed someone to 'Take control of those chubby cheeks of yours'.
My boyfriend claimed not to have thought much about it but, perhaps, a loving couple should try anything once although he hardly pushed the topic whilst I was unsure.Thinking about it I wondered if I was making too much of it as was the case of my virginity.
When we were finally alone on our wedding night I was as horny as I had ever felt. We had agreed to a spell of abstinence before the big day, that along with the romance, excitement and my super sexy underwear had the desired effect as we slowly ******** and romped.
Knowing I like it from the rear when really horny it was no surprise when he eased me to a kneeling position on the bed with me sticking my bottom out as far as possible to make my wet and open girlie bit available.He gave my rump a few loving slaps as his fingers and man bit teased and spread my wetness;just as I thought he was going to fill my aching puss I felt something different as he entered my rear which must have conveniently pouted at him.
My feelings were mixed.It felt unusual but I knew I would not climax that way without help and my poor expectant puss which I had eagerly stuck out felt neglected. I ooohed and aaahed part in surprise and liked the idea he had full possession of my bottom. As I tried to relax he rewarded me by twiddling my front so that I climaxed with him.
After, as we made love in more conventional fashion we both agreed that it had been okay for a change we preferred vaginal sex,my husband's chief objection being that he would not be able to satisfy me directly by that method.
Nevertheless we still indulge from time to time as I like him to reassert his authority of my bottom before having me properly!
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Are you still married to this man now ?