My Anal Virgin 1

When my wife and I first met everything clicked immediately. We were very compatable in every way....especially sexually. Unlike other relationships I had with other women, this one went very well. The sex was terrific !!!! However, it was limited a first to vaginal and oral. Keep in mind that this was 30+ years ago and anal sex was not as popular as it is today and still somewhat of a "taboo". We were falling in love and I felt that I had to have her anally. I had experience with anal sex but wasn't sure about her and didn't want to come on too strong. I started by paying a lot of attention to her ***. Always complimenting her on how much I liked it. During sex in the missionary position, I would slide my hand underneath her *** and using the wetness that was dribbling down from her *****, play with her ******* and sometimes poke my finger in there. Also when in the "69" postion, I would move my tongue up and rim her ******* a little. I didn't get much reaction from her but was encouraged by the fact that she didn't object. Some young women were very squeamish about there ******** . I also ****** her doggie style and in the spoon postion to get her ready.

One night when I felt she might be ready I got her in the "spoon" position and put my **** up against her *******. I told her that I wanted to make love to her there. She said "Can you do it there and will it hurt ?" (As I said earlier, this was 30+ years ago). I told her that it might be a little uncomfortable at first but that I would never do anything to hurt her. She said that she wasn't ready to do it that night but would think about trying it. About a week later I came to her house to pick her up for a date and she showed me an article that she had seen in her mother's Cosmopolitan Mag. It was about anal sex. So, I said.......We can try it soon. She said "Yes".

Fairly soon her parents and younger sisters went away for a couple of nights and we had her house to ourselves. I told her that I had to have her *** and she agreed to try it. We got into bed and she laid on her side. I got a jar of vaseline and started working it in and around her *******. All the time kissing her back and neck and telling her how beautiful she was......trying to get her as relaxed as possible. I finally took my ****, which was rock hard, and placed it against her *******. Slowly I applied more pressure and felt the head of my **** slowly start to penetrate her. Soon it slide in all the way to the hilt. She let out a little gasp but assured me that it didn't hurt her. I was so excited that I was finally in her ***. I asked again if it hurt and she said "no" but that it felt a little like an enema (BTW - She never again would need an enema as the cure for any costipation became anal sex). I worked my **** in and out very gently and held he close to me as we stayed on our sides. Her *** was so tight. It was as if she was gripping my ****. After a while she told me that it was starting to bother her and could I take it out. I told her that I was real close and could I *** first. "Yes, of course" she said. I pumped a little harder and in no time shot what felt like an incredible load up her ***. We laid ther until my erection sudsided and I pulled it out. I told her how great it was and noticed that she gave my **** a nervous glance. Probably concerned that my **** may be a little dirty but it was clean.

We talked afterward as I wanted to know how the experience was for her (Obviously fantastic for me !!!). She said it was "OK" but not as good as "regular" sex. She was nervous but trusted me. She told me that it was something that we could do "once in a while".

Hmmmm that was a pretty good start......I was so happy she wasn't turned off. Look for my follow on story to see how "once in a while" went.
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My first anal with my wife was pretty decent, kind similar to yours. Unfortunately I was not patient for a second round and she was not as relaxed and ready, so it hurt her a lot. That was the end of that...<br />
<br />
Glad it worked out better for you!

Don't give up. Maybe she will give you another try. Plenty of lube and patience required. Did you read chapter 2 ?