That’s My Good Princess… Take Me In !!!!

Well to be honest for a week I was terrible. I didn’t want sex at all. My dog was ill and then I got some flu that KICKED my ***. Each time I felt better I would start cleaning, mowing the law, etc. Next thing I knew the fevers where back.
One night while sick (and this I barely remember). During one of my fevers my hubby gave me a shower. After which he cuddled up with me hoping to make me feel better with some simple affection. This I understand and do appreciate. Well all dizzy and not in right mind…. I started rubbing my backside against him. Typical and normal male he got hard. All delirious and I will stress I should not have been having sex I tossed off the towel he had on me. My instincts just had me reach right back for his ****. I couldn’t help it. Btw most of these details are from him because my temperature was over 103. What I do remember was sliding him into my ***** to get his **** covered by my wetness (my ***** gets so wet it could lube up a semi truck). While not even thinking I pulled him out and begged him to **** my ***. I took his **** with out even waiting for an answer and popped the head right in my ***. Only lube was from my *****. B was kind enough to grab lube and get us all covered well. I wanted him in my *** so bad even being sick it was the only thing I wanted at that time. He got me into a good position where it was easier to slip in but my *** kept clenching up. B was pushing really slow. B is good. He just kept talking to me, “ take me in.. you can do it my love.. take me fully into you. I love your *** and your going to make me happy.” As soon as he says that I can’t help but every part of me just relax and boom it happened. He was buried fully into me. Granted he is not some king dong hung but his **** just shy of 8in and is so so thick it feels like it will tear me apart. His words just calmed me and he slowly kept putting his **** all the way into me. The feeling when he pulls out just enough that the head pops back in made me scream. At this point he muffled me so to not wake up my son. He just held my *** right in place. “That’s my good princess… take me in .. take all of me in your ***.. Your doing so good.. Its all mine.. make me happy.”. At one point he pushed hard into my *** and leaned forward pushing hard onto me. He started biting my neck so hard I still have marks. “Your now all mine”.. I didn’t even have to play with my **** to get off. I just came right there. My body tensed so hard pulling his **** deep and solid into my ***. The tension was to much. “This is for you princess.. this is what you wanted. “ Then the pulsing feeling as he leaned back up and just started to pound into me with all. His **** got harder than ever. Over and over he was thrusting fully into my ***. You could feel his body tremble from miles away as he filled me up. All you could hear was his sounds of delight as he started coming. The feeling of him filling me up were divine I cam all over again. He kept his **** in me until he went limp then slowly pulled it out. He knew I was sore and was trying to be gentle. Kindly he let me lay there.“Princess, I am sorry if I was rough on you! You need to get rest”…. “Papi, please **** my *** every other day. Keep me used to it.” And I so so so mean it.
He cleaned us both up. Put another cold compress on my neck to reduce my temp a little and told me to get some rest. Then I slipped back into my fever coma.

Confession part…. I do tense up yes! But when he is looking down at me and has one hand on my *** while the other is on my breast .. it is the look he gives me and the way he says, “That’s my good princess… take me in .. take all of me in your ***.. Your doing so good.. Its all mine.. make me happy.”. It is the most exhilarating, yet soothing, and erotic thing I have ever experienced. I find myself wanting it ie **** my *** and to hear the words from him all the time.
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wonderful story

I let him have his way. What he wants he will get! It is an agreement. I joke that if it is to much I will tap He is free to do as he pleases with all parts of me. THAT IS WHAT A GOOD WOMAN SHOULD DO.. and I mean that with respect. Treat her good and she will do the same. <br />
<br />
ohh by the way.. even with a broken rib I still let him **** me like you would not believe. It hurt so bad but he needed to get "His" so to speak. I have no problem with that as you can read. My rib's were so sore I could barely breathe. I got into the right spot to make him happy... He was ******* all over me. I layed there last night just rubbing *** all over me.. YES dirty girl I just layed their with his *** on me. <br />
I did ask him to just let me be with it. I put on a tight tshirt and kept it all close to me. <br />
<br />
I so love being his dirty girl. I love when he **** on me. " *** on my ****".. then let .me rub it all over. I want to keep part of him with me all the time.<br />
<br />
Short and Short. A woman is to make a man happy. They are to love each part of their partner. They are to accept every part of him where ever he wants her. My man knows every part of my body is his. It is all his. Yet there respect between us both which is why if it is hurts, he acts like a gentle man.. He knows I will do and take all I can to make him happy. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Tonight I need a good spanking though. Papi gave me one yesterday but OHHHH i so need another. Maybe........................................................................