My Anal Nightmare

Hey everybody.. my names Derek and i am an 18 year old male from Dover. i recently went to a bar in London/Soho with my mate Collin to have a couple drinks. I then attracted the attenton of a cute guy (Steve) who later asked me to go back to his house with him. Im a bisexual but have never had a sexual encounter with a man before. Knowing what Steve's intentions where i realised this would most likely be the night where i lose my anal virginity. After a couple more drinks at  Steve's house we moved to the bedroom where he climbed onto the bed. After a bit of foreplay i found myself eye to eye with his anus. He asked me to lick it for him but this being my first encounter i was abit unsure about sticking my tongue in another blokes ******* so decided to just stick a finger in first. After taking my finger out Steve immediately asked me to suck on it. Slowly but cautiously moving my finger towards my mouth i got a quite sensational smell of what i thought to be Steve's excrement. I then had a sudden pause as i did not want to put my ****** finger in my mouth. Steve then told me again to do it and in my attempt to save myself i made Steve suck it instead. He then bent over once more and asked me to stick my errect penis inside him. Unsure once again of what i should do i cautiously approached his hairy anus with my huge ****. Feeling his arse hairs tickling the head of my penis i said to myself....... Yolo and stuck the ****** in with force! After an intense session off pounding his anus i splurged inside of him which felt incredibly good at the time. We then layed down on the bed together and had a smoke. After a few puffs on my cigarette i found myself having doubts of what i had done and started to feel a tingling sensation on the tip of my penis which i am still feeling at the moment. This being my first experience with another man i have many questions to ask.. Should his anus have made my fingers smell of poo? Should i have licked it, is that okay? Was it okay to have had unprotected sex with him? And should my penis still be tingling?

For anyone with experience who would be happy to show me how its done properly dont feel shy to call me on - 07535737272
Thankyou Derek
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1 Response May 20, 2012

LOL, fun story. Your great for asking all these questions instead of just ignoring it all.<br />
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Some people like "poo", but it can cause serious disease. That said, I have licked many a guy's *******, well, not THAT many, but, I always totally insist that they wash very thoroughly with soap and water before I'll mess around with it. Same with mine. Whether or not you should have had poo after poking your finger in him is up to his hygeine and it sounds like he likes it dirty... but stay cautious. Playing with poo has had serious consequences for several guys I know.<br />
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As for unprotected anal sex: You have little chance of catching anything from the "bottom" when you're the "top". It CAN happen, but it's very rare. The receiving guy should insist on a condom. Actually, everyone should, but it's much easier for a bottomer to catch HIV from a top, because there can be all kinds of tears inside the anus, and it's transmitted through blood and *****.<br />
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As for your **** tingling, it's hard to say. You should go to a Free VD Clinic and get tested if you think you may have caught something. I mean, there's no more reason a dickhead should tingle after sex with a guy than with a girl, so to your question, no, that's not normal.... unless it's a "happy tingling sensation", LOL!<br />
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But, gonorrhea, which is easy to cure in early stages, makes your **** burn and it excretes a sticky fluid. It starts out very mild and gets horrible fast, but at a VD Clinic they give you one penicillin drink and it's all gone!<br />
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And.. I'm not a total **** at all, by the way! I got gonorrhea once, it was awful.