First Time

We were in my room in my parents' house. This was the first couple of weeks we had started seeing each other and things had gotten pretty hot and heavy but we were worried about contraception and hadn't really talked about it yet. I was thinking we could always try anal but I didn't bring it up and I was kind of interested in what he would do. Would he bring condoms and ruin the spontaneity? Would he have enough self-control? So far he'd shown more self-control than I had but it'd been almost three weeks of spontaneous self-control and we both knew something had to give.

It was a Friday night. My parents had gone to dinner and we had the house to ourselves. I left my bedroom door open -- since them the rules -- and I put a movie on. We got comfortable on my bed and started talking about work. I snuggled up to him, said "hi" and went for a kiss. He said, "hi" and we started kissing ten minutes into the movie. I climbed on top of him and pressed my breasts into his face. He grabbed my *** and rolled me over. It was so hard to stop. And it was such a blur. Everything in my body was saying, "I want this" but my brain was saying, "Not yet. What if someone walks in? Stop making so much noise!" He put his hand up my dress and slipped a finger in my *****. I was so wet it was practically dripping down my legs. He reached down, slipped his hand under my house dress and slipped a single finger into my *****. Anymore and I would have came right then. He started pulling on my panties and rubbing them against my ****. This is where things get blurry. I remember he turned me around and slid his finger down my *** and started playing with my bum.

Everything in my body was still saying, "yes". I grabbed my **** and I felt his **** starting to push into my ***. It was wet with his precum and my own excitement and we went really slow. I was dying with anticipation. Each inch was more exciting. Each push sent me a little closer to the edge. Each time taught me a little about the line between pleasure and pain and told me this was going to be worth it. I reached down and touched my **** and came harder than I have ever in my life. I buried my face in a pillow to muffle my moans and I could feel him *** inside me. He was nervous about someone coming in and finding us with my door wide open, so he pulled out quickly just as I was about to *** a second time.

It was so exciting thinking that we could haven been caught. That I was wearing a flimsy little dress. That his skin was salty from work and he hadn't shaved. That he kept shushing me and telling to be quiet. It was such a great cocktail of rebellion, indulgence and sin. I'm pretty sure I heard my stepfather walking through the house at some point but I don't know if I'm blurring this time with another experience. The element of danger definitely added an extra dimension to it though.  We couldn't keep our hands off each other those first couple of weeks.

Afterwards we got some cheap takeout and ate it in his truck outside the store. "Just to be clear, that was your butt, right?" he said. "Yeah, that was my butt!" and we fell into uncontrollable giggling and kept repeating that line all night. 
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Great story....very hot. I would have him use more lube next time.