New To Anal

I have been married for almost 20 yrs to a wonderful man who has wanted anal sex for years. I was never interested in it and he never pushed me into it. Over the years I gave it a try here and there, it never worked out and was too painful. But, knowing it was a fantasy of his, I told him that on our 20 yr anniversary, we would give it a try. Well, recently I read the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series and WOW, has it made me a horny mess! I've bought all kinds of new toys for us to try and thought I would try an anal vibrator just to see what it was like. I lubed it up and tryed it out when I happened to be alone one day and I can't believe how incredible it felt. I find myself thinking about it all day. Every morning when I wake up, I can't wait to take a shower and close the bathroom door. Just pouring the lube on gets me so excited, I think I could c** right there. I love the feeling of when I slip it inside, I'm wet now thinking about it. I haven't told my husband just yet about my extra curricular activity because I want to surprise him for one and secondly, I'm enjoying it so much that I think I'm not ready to share just yet. I know his **** is way to big for me just now, but I know when he finally sees how far I've come...I can't wait to see his face!! Before the deadline too!!
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So actually there hasn't been any anal sex yet?

thanks dear for nice comment

thanks dear for nice comment

Good for you...My wife and i have anal sex about once a month as a special treat for both of us. The anus is a underrated erogenous zone. Make the most of it.

By using the anal vibrator regularly you should be ready for your husband's ****. Just relax and use plenty of lube. What a great present. More women should read that book.

so hot experiance dear you make me so hot ...i am also *** lover and i have also ******* my wife's *** once a week and we both enjoy wild anal sex..