I love it when every hole is filled.
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Please add me.

ummm that is such a wonderful feeling for all!

Special lady!

I want my *** fuked all nite by 3 diks

sweet,,, you like your anus licked first?

Ahhhhhhh! You are referring to the "art" of Triple Penetration (a.k.a "Airtight")! :)<br />
A woman who throughly enjoys having her ***, ***** and mouth filled with **** all at the same a gem and a treasure to find and keep a hold of :)<br />
I have particiapted in numerous Dp sessions with a Couple I was friends with while living in South Florida and it was SUCH an incredible, fun and highly pleasured filled event each and every time we all enjoyed ourselves! :)<br />
I did participate in a couple of Triple Penetrations events...both of which I helped arrange for the Lady friend who was going to be the center of attention. My "job" as the Ringleader was to make sure she was comfortable and that the other two males were pleasuring her properly...while she had her ***** filled with male number one and her mought filled by male number three...I was the one who was in her ***. And being the consumate Ringleader that I was...I made sure to ask her if she was enjoying herself to the fullest and that the other guys made sure that we ****** her senseless but in a veryyyy good way. It was amazing to feel her ****** half a dozen times during the process too :)

I made her *** 6 times with my tongue

Anal is my passion! I love a good hard ***-*******, but there is nothing on earth like triple P!

Love to participate in a 3-way, filling them all!

A little of both.....

Don't get offended but when you say every hole filled.. do you mean at the same time?? or just in general?

Yep! All three holes at once :) ***, ***** and Mouth...a.k.a Triple Penetration, a.k.a "Airtight" :)

You can be a very complicated thing.