20 Years Strong

I've been enjoying anal sex for more than 20 years, now.  Can't get enough.
roary roary
41-45, F
5 Responses Apr 29, 2007

So when did you learn you liked anal?

luck you and the guy who fills your eager backdoor

Great that you enjoy it so much. I just started having anal sex with my wife. I'm proceeding slowly as I'm buried in her ***. However, after the third time she does not seem to enjoy it to the level some women on this site report. Will it eventually feel better for her. I would hate to have waited so long and not have her reach a more enjoyable level. Any tips you may have, obviously you have many years of experience, would be greatly appreciated.

it feels sooooooo ******* good to pack it in a lady's anus.

Well stop on over.....I'll be glad to help you keep on enjoying it. My latest lady really seemed into it. Too bad that she felt the need to move on!