It's Always Been My Favorite

My wife has no idea what I'm writing about right now, but she will when she edits it for your reading pleasure. As I type this, she's naked and on her knees in front of me. I told her I wanted her to tend to my **** and she knows what that means. She's to give it 100% of her attention for as long as I like—not trying to make me *** (much to her displeasure), but making and keeping my **** hard until I tell her what to do next. She's been doing it for about 20 minutes so far, but I will keep her at it until I'm done writing this. It feels so damn good, having her just kiss...and lick...and lightly suck on my ****, knowing she will do it as long as I want. If she makes me get too close to ******* she'll get a good, hard spanking later—and I almost hope she earns it, because that's fun, too—but that will be later. After I've gotten what I want from her.

What I want from her is her ***. I want it in the air, waiting for my **** to slide in all the way to the hilt. Her friend, “Allison” lives with us and loves anal sex. She begs me to **** her *** pretty much daily. I make her beg until she's desperate and then I usually cave and let her have her way. I guess I'm just a sucker—can't resist a beautiful woman in need. It's so wonderful to have a woman who loves anal sex at my disposal, night and day, 24/7.

My wife, on the other hand, would be more than happy to go without anal for the rest of her life. But that's what makes it even better when I take her *** instead of Allison's. Because she's doing it for me. She's doing it because she knows how much I love it. She's doing it because she wants to please me, not just in the ways she likes, but in the ways that I like. She'll take my friends' ***** in her ***, too, partly to please them, but mostly to please me. Knowing her level of commitment to my sexual satisfaction makes it so incredibly personal when I watch a friend's **** sliding into her tight, little pucker. It's almost as though I'm sliding in there, too, right along with him. I know exactly what he's feeling—the warmth and the snug fit as the head of his **** pushes her back door open. It's a treasured goal often denied by wife or girlfriend, so I have Trysta give them that ultimate prize.

It's just the two of us here right now, so, as soon as I'm finished typing this, I will be telling my wife to go prepare herself for me. She knows what that means, too. When I follow into the bedroom a few minutes later, she will be ready for me—face-down on our bed, knees spread, head in the pillow and *** way up high in the air. It's such a beautifully seductive pose--one every woman should practice regularly, in my opinion. Even if I'm not at all hard, my **** stands at attention instantly when I see a woman like this. And knowing she's submitting herself to my desire always makes her completely irresistible.

Trysta won't say anything when I enter. She's not allowed to speak unless I permit it. But I think I will, this time. I'll ask her to beg me to slide my **** into her ***. She'll be half-hearted about it at first, since she won't really want it. So I'll have to make her do it again. And again. And again. If she isn't more convincing after a few tries, I'll have to slap her *** HARD after each failed attempt, until I'm satisfied by the tone of desperation in her voice that she's no longer simply resigned to letting me do it; she's submitting herself to me so utterly and completely that she now actually WANTS me to do it. In that moment, she'll burn with her need to please me this way...

My wife just slowed down a bit in her ministrations so I made her take a piece of ice out of the glass on my desk and she's now rubbing it over her nipples, as per my command—that always gets her hot, and those tiny, deep-red, rock-hard nipples are such a luscious sight...mouth-watering...mmmmm....

Now--where was I...?

Oh, yes—when my wife has satisfied my need to hear her beg for me to do that which I want most, I'll climb up on the bed with her and grant her wish. But first, she'll need to be lubed--I don't want to damage my favorite playground—so, after a long, loving moment of enjoying the sight of her beautiful, red-and-white *** served up, right in front of me, as her sacrifice to my pleasure, I'll slide two fingers into her sweet, dripping **** and pull some of her wetness out with them. It's so thoughtful of her to provide whatever I need for my pleasure. She smells so good that I'll have to be strong to resist tasting it—but it has a more important purpose.

I'll tell her to spread her cheeks for me, and she'll obey, of course. Then I'll dangle my wet fingers so that her juices drip right onto the target—her exposed rosebud. Then, very slowly, so that she knows I'm completely in control of the situation, I'll slide just the tip of one finger into her ***. Just a little bit of me to make her moan—and she will moan, I promise you. It's my favorite sound. I'll take my time, lubing her with her own juices and playing while she thanks me for being so kind a master as to take the time to prepare her for what she knows is inevitable. Whether she wants it or not, I'll be having my way and she won't be allowed to say no.

Eventually, my **** just won't be able to wait any more. He will demand hiss turn in there. So, almost without any help from me, he will move forward until he just touches her moist, tightly puckered hole. He'll wait there until she begs one more time. It's only right that this beautiful, submissive girl beg her master to grant her this honor and I won't have anything less from her.

In the next moment...the absolute pleasure at feeling the reflexive resistance to the pressure of my ****'s head...followed by the total relaxation that comes with giving herself completely over to my desires. There's nothing better than that moment when your submissive commits to you in this way. But she's still oh so very tight. And there's ecstasy in the pushing the hot scent of her the begging she softly continues...and, most of all, in the warm, snug fit of that would-be taboo venue as it enfolds all of my ****, eagerly, like a long-lost love.

I won't be able to resist the urge to just sink into that warm embrace of her secret spot. To just hold still, soaking it in...

And then...I'll want more.

I'll start slowly...matching the rhythm of the soft whimpers she's still making—or are the whimpers matching my rhythm? It doesn't matter. We're one in that moment.

My **** won't want to wait much longer—he will insist that he's waited long enough. So I'll throw him a bone and start stroking a little faster. There...that will keep him happy for a moment...but not much more...

He wants it faster...and harder...Trysta's whimpers start to become louder moans...fantastic...

Her begging becomes more insistent...she cries out for me to **** her ***...harder...and Harder...and HARDER...

I won't be able to deny either of them any more...I start pounding her *** with every ounce of strength I have...pushing my **** in deeper...and deeper...I can't hold back...I have to ***...

For what seems like forever, I feel the absolute bliss of total release....

When my other senses start functioning again, I can hear Trysta thanking me for ******* her *** so deep...

I almost never get soft after this, but I'll want to build up to a higher level of pleasure before moving I slip out of my lover's ***...slowly....reveling in that small sucking sound as her *** hole kisses the head of my **** good-bye...

It's a peaceful moment. Trysta hasn't *** yet, but I'll probably let her after that wonderful performance.

But first, she has to clean me up. There's a beautiful china pitcher and bowl, some small, soft towels and some non-residual soap on the night table, all expressly purchased for this purpose by some friends of ours, for Trysta's birthday a few years ago. They helped us break them in the same night--a gay couple, but they wanted to help make sure Trysta got plenty of practice with her new present. Trysta prepared these items before I came into the room, knowing full well what her duties entail. She'll pour warm water into the pitcher and wet one of the towels. Slowly and tenderly, she'll clean my **** completely with the wet towel and soap. When it's spotlessly clean, she'll wet another towel to rinse me off. The pile of towels is large enough for several repeats.

When she's done, I'll look into her eyes and kiss her.

Then, without a word, her lips and tongue will find my **** again, preparing me for whatever I decide on next—just as a good girl should...

--Trysta's Hubby (word-smithing by Trysta)
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waw so hot story

This is so amazingly written, just like the rest of the stories ! does this happen often ?


Amazing story and couple please add me..

Wow! Such intensity.

OK, uhhh, you should inbox me yalls address, as I would be in heaven just watching but would be in blissful infinity to join!!!! Loving yer stories... thank you.

Thank you for inviting me to read your story ,your slave is well trained and well rewarded for her obedience, I must learn to take the same control with my pet for she struggles to take my **** in her virgin *******, she has tried several times with some success but not to my standards,but i have had her training daily with toys,your story has given me a new desire and will to accomplish my goal of turning her into a anal assfucked slave who respects all my demands

Thank you so much for letting me look over your shoulder!! What a fine, HELL hot story!

Very hot

This slow build up tightened my nipples!!

I hope that was just a prelude to more fun to ***... :D

So hot i like this story

WOW what a great story!!!!!! Sure would love to *** **** your wife someday.Loved every word and got so hard reading this. Just wish I could join in your fun.

Damn that is hot.... 50 shades of passion!

wow great story got my **** rock hard

i love all the details and the long well written story, compliments, enjoy the fun

yes the moaning..

Hubby has it sooooo good. IM jealous

Awesome story, you are a lucky man and your wife is fortunate to have you. Much like your wife I enjoy giving ultimate pleasure and we need good masters like you to fulfill our own needs as well. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Very nice... my ***** is so wet!

What a fantastic story - So sexy and well written. Thank you.

good story. I would have ad a lot of trouble writing while getting a ******* but you did it very well. Of course, I'll bet your wife was doing a great job also. Keep up the good work.

It wasn't easy--Trysta is very talented in many ways--but I wanted to share it and thought it would be better to try capturing it in the moment than after.

--Trysta's Hubby

Awesome story one of my favorites

That was hot and well worth the spanking I'm going to be receiving for reading it. I just stumbled upon this story but I'm not allowed to read this kind of story but once I started and realized it was something I'm not allowed to read I couldn't stop it was too late!! I will have to confess to my husband when he gets home because if he finds out on his own my discipline will be so much worse!

Glad to hear it was worth a spanking--hope you enjoyed it (or your husband did, anyway)!

What "kind" of story is it you're not supposed to read?

Any type of sexual stories. ;(. And, let me tell you the spanking I received for this story was extremely harsh. My bottom is still purple and now I have to go back on maintenance spankings twice a week for at least a few months. ;(. Sorry, but I won't be able to read anymore of your stories.

Very good girl. Hope your *** is properly trained so that you have as much pleasure as he.

You two are the definition of a symbiotic relationship. I"m not sure whether to give the writing credit to Hubby or Trysta, but it was wonderful - definitely got me hard!

Pretty hot.

very nice in deed

Mmmm! Nice.

You two did it again! I may never want to do anything with anal, but you made it sound hot and fun! Although, I would like to try role playing, I think! :)
I would also like to applaud your continual ability to show your love to each other. Some might think that it is impossible for a wife to "submit" to her lovers demands even if she *the wife* is not completely into it. But they are wrong. I am such a wife. Trysta is such a wife. The amazing thing about the expression of love is the fact that you love your husband so much, that you not only submit but get turned on (bes for more and harder) by/because of your husband's obvious pleasure. Love isn't found in laying there and "suffering" through it. Even though your stories are filled with erotica, they are also filled with real love. I am happy to know you both!
Thanks for the wonderful read!

Sorry for the typos!

Role playing is great--it allows the opportunity to try something out that may be fun without diving in all the way. I couldn't agree with you more about how some people are able to completely give themselves over to a person they love and trust. Unfortunately, too many people don't understand how that's possible. I'm hoping that our stories will at least give them an idea of what they should be striving for in their own relationships. Thank you for taking the time to read the story and comment on it. No worries about the typos! :D

great story

Very fun read, she is an angel. Your both so nice together

Pure beauty! Pure purrrrrrrrrrrrrfection! Pure pleasure! A purrrrrrrrrrrrfect 10!!!!!!!!!!!! More of the same soon!

Very well written!! A fantastic read. :):)

I thank you for sharing this. I am learning about this concept of master servant. I have built my desires around play with equals so I cannot as yet fully identify with the passions expressed by those in these roles but I remain open to them and study them. I could not hope to identify with these lusts without the candid sharing of people like you. I thank you for your insights about your path. I believe there can be much pleasure walking this way.

As long as everyone involved is on the same page, there's lots of fun to be had regardless of the path you choose. Whichever path you decide is yours, I hope you have someone to enjoy it with!

I completely agree. I want to be able to find the erotic in the spectrum of fun everyone experiences which is why I love these stories so much and the people that write them! Especially the people that write them!

Beautiful story! While I am not a dominant myself, I can get totally into reading a story such as this. I can understand the pleasure of having a woman submit to a man so completely, even though it's not in me personally to be that forceful. I am more of kind, giving lover. But on the other hand, I am blessed with a lover who ADORES anal sex, and even after a particularly good session of vaginal sex, she will ask me to finger her, two fingers in her ***** and my thumb in her ***, to give her that "hard ***". It seems my woman can't have a REALLY good, strong *** without some sort of anal stimulation in the mix.
But enough about me... beautiful story, and it has me hard as a rock! Oh, but that I could be one of your husband's friends, to have him share your subservient *** with me. To feel your tight rosebud wrapped around the base of my **** would be sheer heaven, especially if I could look over and see my woman with your husband's **** buried deep inside her *** as well.
As always, thank you for sharing.

We definitely do the kind, giving type of sex, too, but I really love being submissive and always enjoy those times when my husband dominates me completely as much as he does.

It's awesome that your lover enjoys anal sex as much as you do--having a lover on your wavelength really makes sex sooooo much better. And you're so good to give her what she needs.

Feel free to place yourself in the story and enjoy me being all ready for you to slip your **** in my *** whenever you're ready...mmmmm...

And, yes, watching the spouses doing the same would be a wonderful addition...

that was one wild & hot *** storyyyyy :) lol yeah think i could have a crack at her ??

Regardless what any troll might think....even if it was written by a woman writing as a man, or visa versa, or is a fantastically story about one persons love for another. My wife had always hated anal sex, until we met and she acquised one night when her personal monthly demon visitors was present, then afterward she informed me that she had never realized she could ****** from anal sex. Now she likes it about, but not quite, as much as vaginal sex or eating *****. Trysta, the world is full of trolls, pigs, wankers, wanabees, and you name it. It seems their only goal in life is to entice others into a verbal fight, thus enabling them to feel superior. And you have the right answer, its a game for them and the only way to win the game is to not play.

PS. I luv the openess and poly aspect of your marriage. Keep the faith, and continue reminding ur hubby how much you love him through your submission; giving him the respect, honor, and trust you do every time you have anal sex with well as everything else you do, and conversely his demonstrations of love he provides you in his own ways.

Thank you, Luvoral, both for the support and taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the story. I'm glad your wife found out that she actually enjoyed anal sex so that you could both enjoy it.

I wish you and your wife a long, fulfilling (sexually and otherwise) marriage, too!

You are very welcome.

What a wonderful erotic and well crafted post!

Wonderful to hear their is love and respect in your love making and understanding what each partner enjoys.

Keep finding ways and opportunities to enjoy and love each other!

Thank you, Polysexminoh! I do think that when we try to make our partner happy we end up being happy ourselves--and fully plan to keep on having fun this way! :D

my wife is very giving but would never give up her *** to me. I've only "played"with her back door a couple of times. I loved it, she was like "what the hell do you think you're doing?"It sounds like having a submissive wife must be great. it probably wouldn't work for me as I like to submit.I'd love to be her slave and commanded to lick her but I know that won't happen.

Hubby agrees that having a submissive wife is great. I think having a dominant husband is even better... :D Have you ever asked your wife to command you? You might be surprised at her answer...

I donot like anal sex...and donot know much about that....Love to read something where she is shared by her hubby or she shares hubby with others...

I understand--everyone has their preferences. If you haven't already, you might try checking out some of our other stories: "Making a New Friend (part 3)" has me sharing my husband and "My Husband Shaves It For Me--or Has Someone Else Do It..." and "First ********* with My Wife" both have him sharing me...

I will definitely read them ...we love that....

This erotic story........well!Well!
Never feed the trolls,damn right it sounds.Never feed the trolls!

Glad you liked it! And, yes, I've definitely got to work on spotting them a bit sooner...


I must remember not to feed the trolls...I must remember not to feed the trolls...I must remember not to feed the trolls...

Oh, well--I guess Osiris96 has got to get his jollies somehow...

This is supposed to be Trysta writing...I'd love to hear what she says...Of course you love to **** her *** and fully enjoy her cleaning your **** after you've buggered her....but how does she feel?

I share this account with my husband and this is his story that I posted. If I'd wanted to write about how I felt on anal sex, I would've. But it's just not my thing. Sorry you didn't like it.

Oh, the story was fine...a little too much on the male fantasy side, but that's OK. A little too much of the obedient wife who's doing automatically everything her despotic husband wants - kneels before his mighty penis, sucks him anytime, and offers her anus even when she doesn't care to. That's male fantasy, not reality. It still makes for exciting reading, for a male, though - who wouldn,t like to have a wife at his beck and call anytime for anything like this? Plus a mighty penis that can submit the female to its power anytime, anywhere...Since, however, you advertised you were a female, and obviously supposedly the wife who's not into anal sex but will still open her shitchute any time because hubby wants it, I was curious to know how you felt as your *** was in the air and you got lubed before getting ****** in the ***, or how you felt knowing that he ****** Allison's rectum and came into her ****, or how you felt cleaning the mixture of rectal juices and ***** on his **** after he filled you colon. Apparently,,,someone somewhere got mixed up between those two supposedly differenty roles. My guess is you're a man posing as a woman, unfortunately even your answer is too masculine-minded to pass for a female answering.

You guess wrong, but I really couldn't care less. You're clearly looking for nothing more than an opportunity to start a fight and I'm not interested in stooping to your level. I'll only suggest that you step away from your computer for more than five minutes so that you can have a shot at meeting a real woman. You're right on one thing, though--I forgot to add a line indicating that this was written by my husband. I'll fix that immediately.

I'm not looking for a fight but I hate fraudsters. You forgot to add the line...because, like a Freudian slip, your not inserting a phrase was simply...the actual situation. You're a man posing as a woman. Have fun.

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