First Time Story

My gf at the time was South African,she was a hot blonde lady.She loves to **** outdoors,********** me and suck me while i am driving...i used to love watch her shave her ***** every few weeks,she loves it smooth,and so do i..she sure did like to ****..anyway

..we were in queensland on a short holiday..sitting in a nice bar drinking and chatting,we were very close,touchy and lovey dovey..she ticked all the boxes for me..beautiful,smart,sexy,horny,uninhibited... the bar the conversation turned to sexual likes and dislikes..anal sex we discussed,we both never did it before..i must admit i love fingering girls *** while my **** is inside her,my **** grows double size. we discussed anal..nahh too dirty,taboo area..etc etc.,she said she new when it was ok to be ****** there..i think she meant that in regards to the subject of going to the toilet..but it excited both of us i think..

..when we got home we naturally started making out,i think we were both very aroused from our talking at the bar..i just had to do it!!..i got her doggy style,lubed up my **** and slowly penetrated her *** condom..we were both pretty drunk and very excited..i ****** her ***..its a different feeling to *****,obviously the walls are balls slapping her *** and i eventually blew inside her canal.. was a great night and experience..the next day we flew down to sydney..i asked her in the seat next to me how she felt..she said her *** was sore,but it was pleasurable soreness..i think she loved it..i did too...

I love women so much,especially hot and horny ones..Bring it on.
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I love it to
I am in Qld was in Sydney on weekend
Let me know if you come up nit many Aussies on here

i love being horny and hot . however i seem to run at a loss to find a partner that is sexually compatible and that loves these qualitys .. shame really ..

I agree ! anal sex is hot ! it does take a special lady to let you **** her *** ! cheers to you !