Me and my wife have been experimenting in the bedroom for a while now, and its now got to the stage where I crave her putting the strap-on on and taking me like her *****. I love the feeling of it sliding deep into me. I also dress in lingerie too for her now, she loves it, and by the way, why is womens undies a lot more comfy than mens?
fangul fangul
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Female underwear is probably more colorful but not much more comfy that men's. Of course, if you're into crossdressing, as you are, it definitely would feel like that to you. If you have a sizable male package, though, it would be tough to fit it into a pair of panties. Have fun - but why settle for a strap-on when you could have real sex with real men?