I Love Anal Too, But It's Got a Bad Image!

My friends sometimes discuss it, but although we have all tried it I think I am the only one who does it often and seems to enjoy it. Some say never again, others only when really drunk, but for me it's part of a healthy sex life. I have dated guys who don't want to do it and we just don't last, I feel our sex life is lacking and if they think its wrong then the whole relationship is wrong - i give my whole body to a man I am with.
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Anal is more intimate than vaginal, not even looking at the greater pleasure for the man because it's tighter. A girl has to have her cheeks spread for anal, while the vagina usually gapes somewhat when she's on all fours. And she has to accept that he will have some **** on his ****, without feeling ashamed for it, since it will be the proof of her being ****** in the ***. I always appreciate a little liquid poop around my glans, mixed with *****, since I know I've been deeper inside her, and she's a little ashamed that her rectal channel may not have been perfectly clean...

Any man who would reject that honor doesn't deserve you.

I know what you mean hon ! I soooo love someone being deep in my *** but so many just don't seem to like it, weird !!

is d kinda women i wud luv to b wid..

Lovely! Love it!

Yes u know how to enjoy xx

There is nothing hotter than participating in a woman's anal ******!

You have a healthy outlook on love and life, and others could learn from you.
Would you care to share some of your adventures?

I Love Anal Too, But It's Got a Bad Image! Lets clean up that image together! We could start by having you bend over and I could.....

wow what a giving woman!! any man should be glad for a woman like you. i feel a man should give wholly of himself to his woman too.

I admire a woman who is open and confident about her sexuality. There is nothing wrong with anal. Yes, it has a bad reputation, but from those who don't know what it's like and are too prim to allow themselves the pleasure of the human body. I say go for it!!!

Hi there. My name is curt and wanted to talk to someone who enjoys anal play as much as I do. I love to play with my A** while I **********. Its such a different ****** all around. I cant do it enough. Look forward to sharing....

I can't fathom the idea that a guy would pass on a chance to fill you in all three openings
even if it was the first time. bragging rights alone would make it necessary to enjoy all your gifts.

Damn - wish all woman though this way

When you're in bed and the female pushes her buttocks towards you the penis slips into the anus so naturally it's hard to see why, except for religious reasons, vaginal sex came to be considered the norm...

And the way they're built, if your **** is slightly oiled it goes right between the cheeks of the *** into the rectum...whereas if you absolutely want the **** you have to tilt them and push their shoulders down and their *** up, a very unnatural position which only breeding requires. I usually love to slide in a warm rectum as the woman sleeps, so when she wakes up she's already moaning because her rectum burns and her anus twitches...and any moves she might make to try and expel the penis only makes sex so much more delightful....

i totally agree......

would you return the favor for a man with a strap on?

I do not think my relationship would be complete and harmonious without my wife offering herself to receiving anal sex. I do not think I could stay with a woman who would not open her *** to be ****** up the butt.

Great for you ! What a sexy hot generous lover you are ! Wow ! Ive found when done properly. with plenty of lube and when my partner is in the mood anal sex is awesome ! Keep rocking babe. xoxo peter

I wish I could have you as a gf! I find women so boring when they basically only want vaginal intercourse!

We all do, secretly. It's just difficult to admit to it. We can all visualize our mothers' saying "You let him do WHAT to you?"

Anal sex is just good - it provides for stronger ******* for the male, and once the female anus (or the anus of the bottom partner in general) is trained, it also provides for the best contraceptive sex there is. For a long time, it was seen as non-reproductive, so bad in the eyes of religions where sex was to be made only to reproduce, and where pleasure was considered secondary. Then of course the prevalence of Aids among homosexuals tainted anal sex with the colors of potential death. Added to this were legends about sphincters becoming loose after a while, and bottom partners needing diapers; the truth is the exact opposite, since an active sphincter has more muscle tone. Granted, the beginnings may be hard on bottom partners, with a little pain as long as the orifice is not quite trained to receive the penis; but this quickly gives way to delicate and very intimate pleasure, unless of course the partner is not anal at all, just as some people don't like strawberries, which is their absolute right!

Should I add that: 1) I don't like strawberries, although I can on occasion eat a few with a lot of sugar; 2) I love anal sex!...both giving and receiving.

I agree with you if you like it go for it you have the right attitude. Happy ******* have one for me.

i love it! i was introduced to it by a boytoy i had. he was so hot. i would lay him down and straddle his ****, and slip him into my ***. it felt sooooooooo good when it was deep and i could control the momentum.

Too long it has been a taboo. Looked down upon by the righteous as abhorrant behavior. Considered dirty and repulsive. But as long as it feels good to you, you and your man must be doing something right!

It's hard to understand on which basis a rectum would be considered dirtier than a vagina - an unwashed **** smells rank and stinks as much as an unwashed and unpampered ******* smells of ****. But, properly cared for by clean human beings, both become highly enjoyable!

True, but I was speaking of the stigma that has been attached to it throughout time. As soon as I found a GF that would do it, I've been crazy for it since. It's all good if done well!

I love everything about anal sex. There are so many additional activities that can accompany anal sex when both people are creative. I have known several girls that have admitted to me that they either practice anal sex or would enjoy trying it. A different twist on the subject is the woman using a strap-on on the man. A female friend shared that with me as one of her "top" fantasies and it has since been one of mine. A couple of years ago I shared the desire with a new female friend and she seemed to be interested in the idea. I'm pretty sure it would have happened if we had stayed involved long enough....

If you enjoy anal sex, go for it. Don't be concerned about what others do or dont do or think.

Kelly, <br />
<br />
You seem sweet!

There are a lot of misconceptions about anal sex. It's 'dirty'. It's gonna hurt. being just two. Fact is, now that I'm with the right guy, it's wonderful! He has to be really hard for it to work well and lots of lube is needed. Most of all the other party has to learn to relax and let it happen. Now I'm more accustomed to it I'm enjoying it more and more and learning to make him harder than ever by tightening my muscles.

In my experience, there is obviously some sort of stigma attached to anal sex amongst women in general (obviously you are one of the exceptions). Based on my own experiences, I've never been with a woman who openly admitted she enjoyed it or wanted it, but a large number who have actually offered it, usually accompanied by some sort of disclaimer along the lines of, "I'm not really into it but you can do it if you want to". I had one girlfriend who claimed she let me do it on sufference, but would regularly initiate it and mount her *** on my ****, only to claim she only did it because she knew I liked it. Even with girls that didn't offer it, I've found the majority have let me do it when I made the suggestion, and most of them have let me carry on doing it, even when they claimed not to enjoy it that much. So, I suspect a lot more women actually enjoy anal sex than are letting on.

Kelly J.....I agree with you. My last lady seemed to love everything about sex. We called ourselves TRYSEXUAL....Try anything, once, twice or three times no matter how long it took to decide if we liked it or not. LOL. Giving your whole body to your partner is the ultimate sexual gift. TO BOTH OF YOU. You can enjoy each other fully with no exceptions, no fears.

Horny Old Man, that is abuse.

Honey, why be concerned about what others say or think about anal sex. If YOU want it and love it, go for it. If it feels good, do it. My wife only allowed me to do it to her once. But I was a devious old devil. Whenever I could get her drunk enough to pass out, I'd get out the Vaseline and work on her a.s. It was really good for me, whether she knew it or not. It was a little puzzling to her that whenever she had a bad hangover, her a_s was sore. She's no dummy but I guess just never thought of me doing it to her. YOU go and enjoy yourself!

This is outright rape, you know? ******* a woman who's drunk, whether she's your wife or not, is an act of rape whether she seems to consent or not. Be careful, you might be sorer than her *** when she drags you to court...

I'm with you. I give my entire heart soul and body when I am really into it. I love the intensity of anal if it is slow and intense. I have to be relaxed, but I get into it. Guys that think it is gross or have qualms about it don't last. Though my latest I convinced how intense it could be whne I gave his a little tongue treat....he saw the light....whew! (I am turning red!)

Every woman I've met says they won't do it but all the ones I've dated have let me do it.<br />
I don't see why it has such a negative stigma attached to it.

It's easy, it has the stigma of ******* through the shithole and being non-reproductive sex. But women (and men) know how to clean an anus and a rectum as much as anything else, and the stigma on non-reproductive sex...has long not been too important, has it?

I'm usually the initiator, instead of my husband....he let's me decide when and how lasting.......<br />
I can never seem to get enough.

Hi interesting story perhaps your friends had the wrong partners, my workmates always talk about sex and what theyd like to do but listening to them they appear to have no thought about the person theyre with perhaps wit a lot more thought their fantasies would become a reality I never pressured my wife into anal it was her own decision I was extremely surprised as attempts previously had fallen on deaf ears. Good luck in finding the right guy who thinks of you rather than himself.