My First Time

My husband always talked dirty during sex, saying I want to **** you in the arse, it was a real turn on.

One particular day I was so horny and wet that I slid his **** out of my ***** and started to rub it over my arse, it got me so damn horny. He pushed the tip of his **** in a little and just started to rock inside. By this time I wanted more, but was so damn tight, thank god for lube. I lubed his ****, rubbed it over my ***, gently he slid his **** in, just a little at a time, each time playing with my ****. I didnt want him to play with my ***** as the feeling was so intense I thought I would blow too quickly. Gradually he eased about half his **** in and gently started to thrust, by this time I just wanted him to **** me and put all his **** in. I played with my *****, I wanted to *** so bad, when he blew he slid the whole of his **** in and felt his *** deep inside, this made me *** so intensely, it was the best *** I've ever had.

Over time we have tried different positions, I love it when he ***** me from behid or spoons me as I get more of his **** in, lube is very important and adds to the pleasure and sensation.
LeeanneLouise LeeanneLouise
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Awesome story!