She'd Never Been Rimmed (then Again, Neither Had I)

I was seeing this girl off and on for a bit as a friend with benefits. She was divorced and was going through her "**** phase," her words, not mine. I wasn't the only guy she was seeing but I was the only one who knew there were others. In between bouts of sex she'd tell me about being with the other guys. I would always encourage these exchanges as I found them arousing.

I asked about anal play. I had never engaged in anal sex and wanted to know if she had. I told her I had had a couple of tantric style massages that included prostate massage. She told me she had anal intercourse more than once and if the mood was right she found it quite enjoyable. She also said that while she had used her mouth on her exes *** she had never penetrated it with a finger. I was surprised. I told her I never had my *** licked but it sounded wonderful. 
Next thing I know she tells me to get up on all fours on the edge of the bed. I did immediately. I felt her nails lightly running down my crack, brushing my scrotum, and moving back up again. I felt like I was going to burst. There was something I found extremely exciting being so exposed and vulnerable. She started to slowly rub her thumbs on each side of my anus, all the while gently pulling me open more and more. The first time I felt her tongue make contact was when the tip of it landed right in the center of my hole. My god, I was ready to pass out. She pushed in for a moment and then backed off and began running her tongue in circles around it. The feeling of warm wetness and the rigidity of her tongue was indescribable. As she alternated between circling my opening and pushing at it her fingers began to lightly fondle my sac. They worked their way forward until they circled my **** which was leaking in a fairly steady flow. She moaned at this discovery and used my fluid as lube as she slowly started to stroke up and down. In no time I could feel the warmth spreading from my lower stomach and knew I was close to losing control. I told her to stop stroking as I didn't want to come yet. She asked if I was sure and I said I wanted to feel her tongue on my *** a bit longer. She giggled and continued. After a bit of time passed I let myself fall forward onto my stomach. I could feel the large wet spot that had leaked out of my ****. 

I told her I could easily see why she and her ex had enjoyed eating each other's *****. She then said he never reciprocated. I was shocked. So she performed on him and he never returned the favor? Wasn't she curious? I immediately got off the bed. I told her to assume the position. She complied. I got on my knees behind her. With the height of the bed my face was right at the level of her butt. I knew what she had done to me felt amazing so I thought I'd run the same play book. 

I placed my hands on her cheeks and gently squeezed and massage in a circular motion. Not being experienced in anal I was aroused at the idea of seeing her ******* up close. I slowed my circular movements and as I did so I began to pull her cheeks apart more and more. I finally stopped with her *** spread wide. She asked what was going on and I told her I was just enjoying the view. Her hole was perfectly round and beautiful. I slowly moved a finger around it. I asked if she liked being exposed this way and she said it was a bit weird but she did like it and liked having to trust me. I ran my finger over her opening and noticed how dry it seemed to be. I wasn't ready to stop looking and touching so I gently squeezed the head of my **** and caught the fluid on the tip of my finger. I ran it over her hole and she shivered. I told her that it was my ***, that I was leaking just from looking at her like this. I circled the muscle a few times and then gently pushed in. It gave way to my finger and I watched the tip slide in. She pushed back against my finger but I pulled it away. I told her I wanted to taste her ***. I leaned forward and gently pushed the tip of my tongue against the center of her anus. I could feel the muscle spread wider for my tongue. She pushed back again. I withdrew my tongue and circled her hole. She moaned and shuddered. I began to circle, push in, and circle again. Her face was down in a pillow and she was moaning. After some time I stopped and sat back. I replaced my tongue with my finger. I told her to rub her ****. She reached a hand under herself and her fingers started grinding down on her button which was looking like a small, wet pebble. I told her to make herself come and that I wanted to feel her *** around my tongue when she did. I leaned back in and concentrated on ******* her ******* with my tongue. In no time I could feel her sphincter tighten around my tongue and then spasm rhythmically. She shuddered one last time and collapsed forward. 

After a moment or two she rolled over and spread her legs wide. She reached her hands down and pulled herself open. I got on my knees between her legs and lowered myself onto her. I slipped straight in and she arched her back. In just three thrusts I was *********** deep inside her. She held me close and told me she could feel me pumping out my ***. She shuddered as she climaxed again. 

Ever since that night we have been exclusive with each other and both of our anal openings have been an important part of our play. 
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Well written...I know my current partner loves to bury his tongue in my *** which I (go figure!), originally found more difficult to receive than "normal" oral, his was the first rim job I'd given! Keep having fun with each other!

Good story of learning!