Training My *** To Love Anal

I have always loved putting my finger in my *** but never progressed until I split with my wife. My first attempt at anal was outdoors at wreck beach and was painful and unsuccessful. I loved the idea but was to tight. I bought some sex toys and started small and loved the feeling. Now i can have anal sex with tremendous pleasure with any size ****. I really love playing at home by myself the most though. I ****** none stop for hours while riding my favourite toys. As a man, I have found that there is no greater sexual pleasure than anal play. While i consider myself to be bi i would love to find the right woman to share a love of anal play.

bttmfrutuse bttmfrutuse
46-50, M
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Easy anal is the best

Anal sex, giving or receiving, is the best sex there is. It's a pity most Western females are not trained early for it, like girls in Muslim cultures who know early it's the only way to have sex and preserve their hymens for marriage.