My Anal Drive

I am a man and I am married for 12 years. My sexual life is not very good. My wife is not into sex at all. In addition, when she wants it, she wants a very quick penetration for two minutes, and that is it.
I like oral and anal sex, she does not. In the last few years, I was able to control. I can not do this anymore. I am feeling that my desires are controlling my life. do you have any ideas?
arabanal arabanal
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Women in general just don't bother to take care of their men anymore. Find a crossdresser, we work hard to be the best girls we can be. If you are open minded enough, you will have someone who lives to make her man happy. And you won't feel gay, she will see to it that you feel like a man, with a woman from the 50's when she greets you at the door in heels, with a kiss and dinner on the table. You will enjoy how most of wake our men up too.

Find another woman, one who likes sex and will gladly be ****** up the shithole. Separation and divorce have not been invented for dogs, but for human beings unsatisfied with their mates. At least, find a mistress who takes it up the ***.