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It strikes me that one of the problems with anal sex is not so much doing it - although the anus and rectum of the receiving partner need, like any sexually-oriented orifice, a training period to acquire the reflexes needed for good sex - as accepting it psychologically. Whether you're passive or active doesn't make a difference - although of course females are naturally bottoms.
My first time ******* a woman in the *** - I had of course played doctor with anuses and other bits when we were kids, but that doesn't quite count - I was 23 and we were dying to have sex with a married girl I had met at a conference. None of us had condoms and she wasn't on the pill, and although they had an open marriage with her husband, they had both agreed she would only be bred by him. So *********** in her vagina was out of the question. She herself suggested doing it between her sweet *** cheeks, and as I had no lubricant, while she was waiting with her *** in the air, she sent me to get hand lotion for my **** and I was hooked. It was a million times better than any vagina I had known. I made love to her ******* three times in a row and we only stopped...because her poor ******* was starting to feel raw. Soft, tight, delicately scented, more naturally located between the cheeks...and yet for a number of years I felt somewhat 'perverted' to prefer an *******, the orifice through which girls poop, to the supposedly natural vagina, which was meant for sex. It was terrible: I even found funny the fact of having sometimes some traces of poop on my **** after sex. it told me clearly that my penis had enjoyed its favorite sheath, and had not, at the last minute, been railroaded into the wet **** below. But was this normal? I had to be a maniac, a pervert, an indecent human being to really enjoy rectums more than vaginas.  
Then I realized, gradually, that this was a crock. The vagina is not meant for sex more than the mouth, the hand, or the rectum: it is meant for...reproduction. A little liquid **** from the female you enjoy is neither better nor worse than vaginal juices that smell like fish.  Our religious background, in a lot of cases, has taught us that sex with no reproductive purpose is a sin. Just as ************ your penis to ****** is a sin. Just as, of course, sex with men is the ultimate sin. Once I realized this, it became a lot more natural for me, when the girl's panties were off, to lick her ******* rather than her **** as a natural prelude to anal sex, and make sure with my fingers she had a clitoral ****** as she discovered that her body could be taken through her stage door as well as through the hole between her legs. Most girls knew how to make sure their ***** were clean. But sometimes it may be fun to soap it before, under the shower or with a wash rag and soap...
Of course, this didn't mean that your technique was the same for all! An ******* and a rectum are more delicate than a vagina. They need to be opened slowly, gently, prepared for the invasion of **** which always elicits gasps from the bottom partner. But girls gradually discover, being taken that way, whether they have a greater or smaller anal dimension, whether their anus craves penetration or simply wants to be licked and sucked, whether they like fingers in it, and so on.
Anal sex is as natural a part of sex as ********, handjobs, ***********, foot or boob sex, and vaginal sex. Our personal experience leads us to prefer one or the other, and become more proficient at it. With the right partner(s).
I gradually discovered my own rectum liked to receive **** as well, which led me to become bisexual and enjoy men as well as women. This is probably the ultimate opening, since with men there is no ambiguity - they have no hole enabling them to get pregnant!
Where does EP fit in all this? Well, one of the important features of Web communication and of social networks more recently has been that you suddenly discover on the surface of the planet other people, in great numbers, sharing your preferences. You stop feeling like a freak or a pervert. Before that, you basically had to exchange confidential information in bars with very close buddies («you know... she takes it up the butt...yes, she does...Oh? you like that? my wife would never...and so on) just the same way you played doctor when you were kids. yes, sometimes you found references to anal sex in books, primarily erotica, but you weren't sure if they were fantasies or actual experiences. You seldom found someone as open as Milan Kundera to write clearly about his preference for the anus of women in mainstream novels. Now, thanks to all our electronic communication, you can even meet a woman after talking to her for some time and make it clear that, when you finally meet, when the chemistry is there, what she'll get from you is...anal sex. She may even have shown you pictures of her intimate landcape, and you honestly posted pictures of the member who will do the deed. Chemistry is the only element that cannot be transmitted electronically. And that's why you meet, no holes barred!
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I agree that ideally anal ought to be monogamous to prevent the transmission of STD.
Fortunately I am stretching that *** bareback and with the aide of butt plugs. Unfortunately not as often as I would prefer, but I count my blessings as many do not get close to entering this most glorious hole. My intended goal is to get her to plea for anal penetration, however, my biggest obstacle to making her an anal lover is more psychological than physical. With much practice her anus will get accustomed to my ****, but her thoughts need to be in sync with the pleasure and not societal anti-anal teachings. I'm patient and will report on my successes as we move forward.

Take your time. It is her anus, and once it is stretched it won't close like a virgin anus again. There are lots of fears associated with having your anus opened for sex. Be happy if she gives it to you regularly and have all the ******* you can in there!

Your honest writing is much appreciated, especially among those of us that are new to anal sex. I have no interest or desire to be with other men, but I enjoy the confidence that emanates from your descriptive writings. I stand to gain many great anal tips from your stories that I can use to perfect anal sex with my wife. Thanks for your constructive and entertaining stories and comments.

If you want to have good anal sex, it has to be bareback for the penis - latex is no fun and the rectum is so soft and sweet that you wouldn't want to miss it for the world! as you well know. Plus I love the vanilla smell of my penis when it comes out of my woman'.s ***. bareback means...monogamy, ideally. Especially in the ***, where minor blood vessels in the girl's anus may rupture, and they would be a major vehicle for HIV and possible STDs. You're doing good spreading your wife's ring gradually and making sure it remains stretched progressively. If she loves you you'll see she'll want you to have the best possible ******* in her ***.