I love sex in general, but anal is just ******* great. I love to have my ******* stretched and pounded by a hard ****. When i ****** thru anal, its simply a crazily good feeling. Sometimes i crave It so bad I got to do it myself. Then I take my ***** and ram it up my tight *** and **** myself with it. It makes me want to scream every time.
Alprazolam Alprazolam
18-21, F
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Makes me hard just by imagining it ... would be glad to put my **** deep inside your *******.

Wow, got my day going! 8& 1/4 inch stiff

Hell yeah. Nothing like an anal ******. It feels amazing

what does it feel like when a guy shoots a load of *** up your ***?

I wish there a woman like you around where I live

Hi would you like to share your skype or ym ??

I know the feeling

Oh yes anal is the bestest! I just wish they would make a machine that could *** realisticly except the amount! I would love a machine, or strap on that could *** with realistic ***, and pulses... But in the amount a horse does!

Would you consider letting a virgin **** your ***?

How beautiful. When a guy is ******* your arse, does he stroke your **** too or do you stroke youself or is a **** in your arse enough?

I stroke myself

How ironic, now I'm at it

So fundamentally you are ************ to climax, but it turns you on to offer your anus and be that exposed and vulnerable?

Mm. Yum I love it to. I love when he shoots his load in my *** after a good pounding

see i can never find a girl who can handle it, i always hurt girls too much when i try. its so frustrating!

alpraz..you are very pretty. reading your story makes my **** hard. thank you.

thank you for this story
i love anal very much . i m very addicted to it ; all the girls i have anal with get orgasme they never forget it as they said

******* you in the *** must be amazing..

I would love to **** a woman's ***, but they always chicken out when they see me. I'm not sure why, but I have been blessed with a very thick ****. They always love it in their *****, but even if I promise to be very slow and gentle, they never let me put it in their ***. :-(

I am a man and I am not gay or anything but I do love it in the *** also, it is mind blowing ******. I have been done by a woman with a strap on.

I would love to do that with you.

I love Tommy's **** in my ***. It makes me feel so filled. I especially love it after a spanking.

I had a spanking this afternoon, followed by a hard ******* up my arse. It was amazing

You sound just like me. We both know what we enjoy.

i have same feeling but haven't such partner,,,,

I love ******* through anal, as you say mad crazy *******, I squirt really intensely when I *** from anal *******. I am slightly jealous though because the only way I can make myself *** is through clitoral stimulation!

Yeah I need to rub my **** too but not throughout the whole thing.

When having anal stimulation from someone else, that's the thing, I don't need clitoral stimulation, if someone turns me on, then they can make me *** any way, be it clitoral, gspot or anal. Just can't do the same for myself!

Love to hear women out there who love their arse to be pounded and cab *** through it. Anal is my absolute fav. So tight and great when reach round and furiously rub the girls ****. When they *** with my **** in their arse there is no greater feeling as the arse hole squeezes your **** x

thanks not allot of girls like up the pooper i would to put in there and would anal night at least ounce a week mcmutt6@gmail.com

thanx for sharing

Good girl. For a man, there is a world of difference between a cosmic ****** in his girl's ***, and the routine *********** in the reproductive tract.