This Weekend

I have a guy coming over.We have been getting to know each other and we have talked about us sharing an anal encounter.He is really sweet and nice.I have known him for a while so I can trust him. The idea of this man putting it into my rear is just so exciting to me! My bottom is sore just thinking about it! I only do it with a man I can trust and that is what makes it so much more special when it happens. I cant wait for him to take me!
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Please hon, keep us posted on how it went!

I feel the same way, I have an online boyfriend and we have been making plans for weeks to get together. It is my lifelong dream to have a man inside me and he will make it happen

As much as the feeling of having a **** inside of me is, I think it's even more amazing the feeling I get from being wanted, and essentially "****-worthy." Knowing all that time I spent: studying women, buying clothing and make-up, shaving, doing my make-up, picking out the right outfit, and learning femme mannerisms, is validated when another PERSON (im bi so. ) wants to have sex with me. It's a very empowering feeling to be so desireable

That sounds so wonderful, I hope I feel like that one day

I hope he satisfied your desires.

Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time

It is so nice when being made love to by a real man. his penetrating you and you being the submissive girl in the relationship. feeling his **** firm up just at the point he fills you with his ***. feeling it slowly soften as he holds you afterwards and then it falls out leaving you in the "wet spot" you cannot help but feel feminine

Oh I know! I love that feeling that only a real man can give me. I always feel so desired and wanted!

Do share afterward!!

Oh,I will! I want him so bad!

You sound like a little kid in a candy shop. That's wonderful and how it should be. : )

WSell, Brandi, I hope he'll make you sore and kiss you lots after ******* your delicious ***!

Me too!

you must be absolutely delightful

I hope he thinks so!

I know I would!

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