The First Time I Had Anal Sex

When i was younger i often visited an older guy who had been very kind to me. I was also used to suck his **** every time i visited him. As i was just to leave on evening he said to me -Next time i will **** you! So as i visited him a week later i knew what was going to happen and i was ready for it. I really wanted to be ******. For the occasion he had bought me a complete set of lingerie in black vinyl with stockings suspenders and a corset and i was dressed up for sex . After i had dressed up as a sexy girl i followed him to his bedroom. My heart was beating loud as i was very excited about what was going to happen. As i entered the bedroom i was shocked to see that he had completely ******** his bed and ropes were attached to each corner of the bed. -Now lay down on your stomach with arms and legs spread so i can bond you - he told me. Trembling i did as he said. -To be ****** the first time can be very painful and it is the best both for me and you if you are bonded and gagged when my **** goes up in your ***. He bonded my legs and arms very tight to the bed with the ropes and i was unable to move. Then he asked me to lift my head and as i did that he mounted a ball gag in my mouth. I had never been gagged before but i accepted it as i believed him.

Then he began to prepare my *** with lube. It felt very cold. He also pressed a finger up in my *** and asked me to relax. After preparing me to get ****** he ******** off his clothes completely. I could see his **** was hard. His **** was huge and i began to worry if i could take it up in my ***. -Now be a good girl and let me **** you - he told me as he approached me. Suddenly i could feel his **** pressing at my *** hole. -Now relax completely - he commanded me but it was difficult. Slowly i could feel his **** coming up in me. It did hurt a lot and by instinct i tried to move myself but i could not as i was bonded. Instead i used the ball gag to bite the pain in me. As i began the cry and whimper he commanded me to behave like a dirty **** and let him **** me. I could feel him starting to move in and out of my ***. He had started to **** me. I tried hard to relax but it was difficult. Slowly i began to relax and as i did that i discovered that it felt nice. At the same time i could feel him going deeper up in me. Instead of crying i started to pant and moan. As he could hear that i began to enjoy it he began to **** me faster and harder - and he called me a dirty **** that just wanted to get ******. Suddenly i could hear and fell that he was about to ***. He slowed down but went even deeper in me. Then he shouted load - I AM *******!!! - and i knew that he was pumping *** up in me. As he pulled out i could feel his *** running out of my ***.

After he had ****** me he removed the gag in my mouth and commanded me to lick his **** clean. He told me that a good girl always offers to lick the **** clean after they have been ****** in the ***. So i licked his **** clean.

After i left his appartment i could fell in my *** that i had been ******. It did hurt a bit and i felt very open. Also when i came home i discovered that i had large wet stains of *** in the back of my panties. Even though i changed panties i still had *** in them after very short time.

This was my first time but already the day after he ****** me again but in a different position and this time i was not even bonded or gagged.
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I almost blew load reading this! I like to slide a tampon in my man ***** after being ******...prevents the wet panties issue!

NICE story!!!

Some guys just get ALL the fun.!!!!

Add please!!