Everyone Should Try Anal Sex!

Everyone should try anal sex, especially men!

i had anal sex for the first time as a child of about 5 or 6. It took a few minutes for me to get beyond the initial pain. Then, it began to feel beautiful. i soon began begging my step brothers to **** me. i became an anal addict.

In my late teens my sexual experiences with my step brother began to wane. i got married in my early twenties, and lived a vanilla life for a while until i became frustrated with my longing for anal penetration.

To make a long story short, i went through many years of yearning, and wishing, until i was able to find a man who took pleasure in ******* me from time to time.

Anal sex brings something to the male receiver that he does not get from sex with a woman. The penis inside your rectum, gliding in an out, builds an ****** from inside your body. Also, feeling the big, strong body of a man who is holding you as he pumps in and out, in and out, is a wonderful feeling. i love the feeling, that i have brought profound pleasure to another man.

The greatest thing is reaching ****** without touching your own penis. Achieving an anal ****** is mind blowing. The pleasure builds and builds from your anus through your whole body. Yours anus feels fantastic, and then your ***** comes out, even though you are not touching your penis. That is fantastic.

Then, there is his ******. i never know how he wants to *********...inside my anus, in my mouth, or on my penis.

i have learned to dispense with labels. i don't care about whether i am bi or straight...life is too short...enjoy your pleasure any way you can get it.

Try anal sex...you will love it.
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

anal sex is awesome feeling i had it with my cousin for years it all started around age 9 like you once the pain of it going in is gone its nice the feeling of him pumping in out of me an filling me up wiht his ***

I tried it first when about 16. This was with a man in his 50s whom I had been ************ for about five years. He told me about it and I asked him to do it to me. He had a small penis like myself so after a few attempts he entered me easily and I really enjoyed it. I did the same to him and this was my first **** -both ways. My tiny penis has never satisfied a woman and the looseness of a ***** does not provide much sensation, but anally it feels great.

That is a wonderful story. : ) I have to agree with you on the ****** from receiving. I have had that ****** a couple of times but not as often as I would like. Though I don't ********* at the same time. I just feel it everywhere just a like a woman would. : )

I have had all soet of sex toys in my *** but it does nothing for me! What can I do to change things?