I am not sure if it is better to initiate a young female or a young male into anal sex. The female has the natural daintiness of lace panties and innate orderliness that somehow makes it repulsive to her in the first place to use her poop chute for sex. The male has the social mores grounded into him by which a man is not someone made to be screwed. Well, both have their charms. And the moment you flood that rectum you know you have changed forever, not only their bowel, but also their view of the world.
Beatrice was 24 when I knew her. She had been married about two years, no kids, and a husband who was not particularly inventive in bed. We worked long hours on a common project and one day I invited her to my place for a drink, as her husband was away for a couple of days because of a conference he had to attend. One thing led to another, and we ended up in bed together, naked and happy, after a delightful evening. She confided to me that she had only had one lover - her husband - and this was the first time she ever cheated on him in two years. I won her heart over by licking her to several *******, and she got absolutely wild when my tongue rimmed her anus, even though she kept saying no, no, I may not be clean...she was just delightful. As I positioned her for anal sex and she saw me lubricate my ****, she wondered aloud what I was doing and as I told her I was going to **** her ***, she confided they had never done that, her husband had told her an anus was too narrow and anyway he didn't want any poop on his penis. At the same time, she blushed saying she had read in sex mags that the anus could welcome a penis if handled properly, and was quite curious about it. She did all the right moves as I guided her, relaxing, pushing, making pooping moves as my tail slid in, until I was deep and she could feel her sore ******* more stretched than it had ever been. We then had a long, leisurely anal session, until I got really hard, she screamed as she felt how big my **** had become, much bigger than hubby's, and how hard I was as I did the last few back and forth moves to spray her rectum and her bowels with my pleasure. Her scream as she felt the *** splurting deep inside was the most marvellous thank you any initiator could think of. We saw each other for the next year on a regular basis, she always gave me her *** until the day she asked me if I could make her pregnant, since her husband seemed to be unable to and she really wanted kids...but by the time I decided I might - provided I would not have to have vaginal sex with her more than during the fertile period (after all, it was hubby,s duty to take care of it!) - I had had to move, we exchanged hot and sad phone calls, and I never saw her again. Which worked fine with my principles...I like anal sex because it is naturally contraceptive, and I would not impregnate a woman and have the kid born from my balls raised by another man - I like children too much and since I use the vagina only to breed I would be very unhappy to be robbed of my fatherhood!
Sekhmet96 Sekhmet96
61-65, M
Dec 11, 2012