New Years Party

It was a mixed group at a New Years men and women. As the evening wore on, clothing came off and by midnight most were naked and the real fun began when two women did a 69. Most of us were naked except for two women who kept their panties on. One lady kept to herself so I approached the other one and we kissed and cuddled. She played with my hard **** while I rubbed her ***** through her panties. I tried to get them off but she resisted and finally told me she didn`t want to turn me off but she had her period. On the contrary, I said, that turns me on. I slipped the panties off, pulled out the tampon and slipped my **** in as others watched. I was so turned on I came too quickly to get her off so I went down on her until she came. She loved one had ever done that to her before. The other lady in panties came over, smiled and began to suck my ****. After a bit, I kissed her and began to suck her **** . She moaned and I reached for her panties. I slowly slid them down, and surprise surprise, a nice **** popped out. Wow!!!! I returned the favor , peeled back the foreskin and sucked it. It got nice and hard and she told me to get on all fours. I knew what was coming so I knelt down. She moved behind me and I felt her cockhead probing my *******. Then it began to slide in and soon I was getting my *** ****** for the first time in 2013. At the same time, a guy put his **** in my mouth and gave me his load. What a way to begin a new year.
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

Quite erotic. However, Aids and STDs still exist in 2013.

Yes they do but I only play like that within a closed group of trusted people.

I surely hope they're circumcised and tested...