My First Anal Encounter

I was 20 years old and like any guy at that age I was looking at several **** sites. One of them popped a banner for a Bathouse. Courious I clicked and all the details appeared. It was 12 miles from home so I decided I would go and pay a visit. It is located in the outskirts of the LA in a seedy area.. I parked went up to the window checked in and went inside. As I stepped in I was anxious and my hands were cold. I was given a towel and a lock with a key for any locker I wanted to chose (In a bathhouse it's customary to get naked and walk around with just a towel on hence the locker to put your stuff away). So I'm new to this. i start browsing the guys which were all in their 30+ . It's hot humid and smells like cheap soap in a bath house. Guys show off their junk to get your attention and others fondle you as you pass by. One guy grabbed my arm pulled me towards him softly. He resembled tom cruise very handsome guy in his early 30's and short like cruise too. I smiled and he led me to his room. He was short brown hair blue eyes muscular with a 8 uncut ****. Thick too. I realized this guy was on the DL since he had a wedding ring. I played with his balls and squeezed his ****. I didn't know what I was doing but he sure did. He layed me on the bed on my back. Very little chit chat. he asked my age an where id come from. he asked me if id been there bedore and intold him it was my first time. we stopped talking and he sat on his knees in front of me he spread my legs apart put them on his shoulders and started lubbing me up. He inserted his index with a lot of lube then both index and middle. Slowly in and out twisting.. I was worried it would soon start smelling like fecees in their but it didn't. He went on for a while playing with me , making me ooze out precum. Then he stood on his knees and wrapped a condom on his ****.. he began to penetrate me slowly. I wasn't ready for his thick **** it hurt soo much! It was a sharp pain that made me lose my breathe. I could feel my head pounding. He apologized but HE DIDN'T pull out. He stopped and once I gathered myself he proceeded. Slow and deep then progressed to increase his speed for what seemed eternity but must have been minutes. He made me *** and I wasn't hard. IT WAS AAAMAZING! I shot up.. and it poured. I had never shot so much. I felt lightheaded and weak. He kept going and very-shortly he came. I was just about getting a little pain from him pounding me so hard when he came. I asked him if he was married he said "Yeah" I got my towel ad said good bye and closed the door.
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That was a really nice story. I went to my first bathhouse in San Fran and had so much fun I stayed all night into the next morning and went with three guys, one after another. The first guy who ever ****** me I guess loosened me up and my butt just wanted more. The third guy took me into the public room and while he pumped me from behind he told guys to pump my face --so at least four, maybe more guys just filled my mouth and throat taking turns with their different and interesting *****. I just kept swallowing and asking for more. I was so well fed and everyone loved me and said I had learned very well. The next school semester I told my school friends about it and the whole track team used me for a night and I sucked everyone of them at least once and several ****** my butt. They told the swim team that I was really good and I got to do it all again with the whole swim team. They were rougher and really pounded me and I got a little scared but they fed me so much *** I was so amazed and really happy. Never did it again with them but the track team set aside a night every month just for me! I loved school days the best days of my life.

Nice. Luck guy to have had you!

hot n hory story. you always remember your firt timr

wow ive never had an ****** while i was soft and its something i want to experience.

Hot glad you liked it