Anal Girl

I love having my *** fingered and slowly stretched, prepared for a nice big ****. My first anal experience involved being held down and slowly pounded until i was begging for more.
zimzalagrl zimzalagrl
26-30, F
7 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Isn't anal just wonderful?

We wish we could show you a M biF DP.

add me to your entertainment so i can **** your ******* to you ******* ****.

the first time my *** was ****** i wasnt ready for it either, now i can't get enough :)

Hi Sweetheart sure wish I knew you, anal is my favorite, yes I like everything else but (no punn intended) anal will always be my favorite. Why it is the combination of the taboo and the sheer guttural animal act. I like to do it in the missionary position in order to look deep in your eyes and are when it starts to feel really good!

I appreciate your story. I could see it in my mind and was turned on. Thanks.

You're my kind of girl!

I am sure the begging gets answered with a fat **** deep inside. :)