Cocktail Of Pleasure And Pain

I tried anal sex years ago but it hurt too much that time and l vowed to never have it again. However, stories of friends who enjoyed it often urged me to try it again. Last night, stimulated by stories of women who enjoy it, (particularly stories on Ep) I decided to give it a try again. Having made my mind, I spent two good hours on Google, searching for tips to "have a pleasurable anal experience" and end up with two lists. One headed, "Must have for an anal experience" and second one headed "Things to avoid"

Having done that, the real challenge was asking my boyfriend for this. Despite being an excited partner of my outdoors adventures, he is a gentle cutie pie in general and somewhat religious too. Asking him for an anal intercourse seemed the nasties thing in world, I feared it'll make him embarrassed beyond limits and leave a very bad mark on our relationship if he denied therefore I decided to be tricky.

We watch TV for about an hour before going to sleep, those moments before TV decide what will happens before our falling asleep. It's not uncommon for his hand to creep up or down my dress or my hand to creep down his pants while watching, say, a movie. I wore a very short skirt with no panties on as per the scheme. Not in more than 5 minutes, forced his pants to go down on his ankles when he was still watching headlines before switching to something we both could enjoy. (Haha, I rock). It took me some more time to get him watch an erotic movie and finally landing into his lap, doing silly things those often make him nervous and get me what I want. Then our real conversation started, (well, I don't mean in words) as usual, his shaft looked for the hole it was acquainted to but I deliberately kept putting my already well lubricated anus before it while arms around his neck and eyes on TV. He noticed it earlier than I thought. When his head got the news of unusual slipperiness at an unusual place, he looked into my eyes nervously, (he looks so cute in such nervous moments) Looking into his eyes with a "dare you?" smile, I put my anus on the head of his shaft again, being as much clear as I could be without speaking. He got the message and was surely excited by it, as the movement at the opening of my butt hole told me and I took first breath of relief after about 15 minutes.

Things went smoothly later, when we entered into bedroom, both his shaft and my anus were dripping with lube. I threw a big towel on the bed sheet before going down on the bed, (heavy and big bed sheets are a headache) in order to avoid stains and spent next 3 minutes having a cocktail of ecstasy and pain, both too intense to endure. Despite being uneasy at my chair right now, I intend to repeat this experience soon. Oh, and did I tell you, he came inside me and before sleeping, admitted he fantasized about anal sex and ******* inside my anus. I'm glad we turned a shared fantasy into a shared experience.

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6 Responses Jan 10, 2013

WOW You made it and happy to know that you really enjoyed it. Yes I agree as some people say, The **** is round and long, as the *** hole is also round and have depth, so **** is meant for annal. Keep up sharing future anal sex also. Thanks
. Plz add me.

Awesome babe! You did good. Love the way you manipulate him without words! ;-)

Beautiful. Keep him there regularly, he'll never cheat on you.

You are a great girlfriend. He's lucky to have you.

Loved the story but I know I just love a women asking me to f**ck her in the ***...makes me hard as Chinese arithmetic!

How beautiful, thank you