I Miss It!

It's been so long since I've been ****** in my *******, I miss it so much and kinda forget what it feels like! :( I'm so sick of fingering my *******, I need the real thing damnit! I have a hole in my body that needs to be filled, it's begging you to bring your **** over here and pound it until you fill it to the brim with ***!

I want this so bad!!!
poppacherry poppacherry
18-21, M
3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

hi can i put my tongue in and out to your *******? will you let me **** it? can you **** also my hole with your *****? im a guy.. hope you reply

I can do that for you!?

Well at least you have been with another. I am still summoning the courage to let a guy push inside me. I have not had the courage to be with another man.

Though I want it so bad. I have a whole range of toys which I use on me. There is a dating web site I use to respond to guys .... but I never have interest in the guys that respond and most of those are fem ... which I dont like at all. And others dont seem to respond. Maybe it was not meant to be. A shame because I really think i have a wonderful *** for a guy ... its round .... a bit too round for a guy :-)

and my **** has always been in favor with women. Im just curious to see another how another guy responds to my ****. And I want to see a the expression on a guys face as he **** while in me. And to know that I made him .... my *** made him *** like that. I want to know that feeling.