Yes I Do

i love ***. i love having my *** stroked and massaged, having it kissed and licked tongue then fingers probing my tight *** hole. i even love having my bare *** spanked and whipped. i have had girl friends have finger ****** my ***, one, Andrea. was the first to actually make me have ****** in my ***. she loved anal so much i ****** her *** more than her fanny. a few girl friends used vibrators and other toys in my *** and a few have even used a strap on ***** to **** my ***. a couple of girl friends would not allow me to even finger their ***. most were willing to give it a try, and all those i did **** up the *** admitted they enjoyed it and getting pleasure from it and most of them let me **** their *** again. some even asking me to do it.
i love a nice *** male as well as female, but prefer female any time. i love to stroke and massage and lick and kiss ***, my tongue probing their bum hole pushing in to it and licking it out. i love to finger and to **** ***. i have ****** about ten other men in their *** and have felt my *** being stretched by a real **** and been ****** by about a dozen men. 
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hi can i put my tongue in and out to your *******? will you let me **** it? can you **** also my hole with your *****? im a guy.. hope you reply

I love *** holes too , usually prefer women , mainly because they are so smooth with no hair, but have licked & ****** more guys then women over the years. I guess I have been ****** by well over 30 or 40 men & boys in my time.

I Wud love. 4 u 2 do me x