Try Anal!! Why? Because..

After I have anal stimulation I usually **********. I noticed that only after I've had anal stimulation and then **********, I shoot a lot more ***. More than usual about four table spoons total I'd say. Also the climax is much stronger than ************ alone. Today l played with my hole while in the shower. Then I finished by ******* off and I as I felt the sensation of my body getting ready to release all that tension and *********, I looked down at my **** to see it shoot. It shot 3 feet across the shower I counted 7 total shots. I felt so relaxed after shooting my load on the shower wall. I rinsed myself, got out, And went straight to my bed to enjoy the moment of utter relaxation. I didn't even put undies on. I just threw myself face down in bed. I felt my breathing pattern slow down as well as my heart rate. Anal sex / anal stimulation is an amazing experience everyone should try and follow it by ************ with a hot shower. It's so relaxing!
AlexVers AlexVers
22-25, M
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Oh yea I love that

Guys that I rim and give some good tongue ******* to their butt usually reward me with a huge mouthful of *** when I then suck them off. I bet you would love it. So many guys have never had it done and are so surprised it is so hot, sexy and stimulating and I never get enough even when I've done tow or three friends together. Love to do you!

I'll give you some anal stimulation ;)

toys are great but i prefer the real thing up my tunnel for stiumlation

i know what you mean. i use a ***** and it feels so good. it does tend to give more volume and distance when i ******