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Use toys to get yourself streched and ready to take him in. It may take a while, but so worth it!

Practice, Start with a small butt plug and then move on Maybe try an inflatable plug or *****. You will be amazed at how big you can take

I have several friends, who's wives don't care for anal sex. So, I make myself available for them. I like to start with an enema, then start with my fingers, or theirs, to begin lubing and stretching me. Then we go to a toy, to get me fully relaxed. The preparation usually gives me a nice erection.
I find I can take them most easily in doggy position. Once I am prepared, ***** of any size slide easily inside of me, and I have been able to comfortably take four guys in a single session. I'm very popular at hunting camp!

Four inside you at once? That sounds amazingly wild, and insanely pleasurable

I knew I wanted it. The first time required lots of lubrication, some finger play to help me open, and slowness. Because he wanted it more often, he was caring enough to help me enjoy it so he could have it again. Several times later, it was very easy and enjoyable.

first u will enjoy it with the one love more than doing it with anyone and it has to be slowly and soft and with much lube to make it easy in and out and u have to relax ur muscles to enjoy it very well

Three imperatives to remember:
Take it slow. Engage in long uninhibited fore play with slow anal preparation using first one then two and if possible, 3 fingers to stretch open and prepare the anal ring. It will stretch, but it takes time and patience to do so.
LUBRICATION!!!! The best is the water soluble type. There are many different kinds in every adult store, and in the Adam & Eve catalog. use plenty and never hesitate to refresh the application during foreplay, preparation and actual penetration and pumping.
Next, choose your partner well. He must be experienced, respectful and care for your comfort and pleasure. Not someone who just jumps on, slams it home and pounds for all he is worth. You should also consider his size. Diameter is more important than length. So long and slender is best to begin with. You can experiment with size using vibrators and ******. Irene uses a special long and slender strap on when we DP a woman. And we have never had any complaints.
So take your time, extend the foreplay to include plenty of prep and chose your partner well. It is fantastic pleasure.

You have to be relaxed. Use a finger to open you up.

Position is important. There are some positions that I can not tolerate. Try having your partner stroke you inside anally with a few fingers. And as everyone said lube.

You have to use plenty of lube and go slow as well as start out small and work your way up to larger things. It took my wife some time to get use to it and now she loves it, I started out working a well lubed finger then two going slow and letting her adjust to the size and even now I slowly work my **** in inch by inch and then let it stay in one place for a little while so she can adjust to the size, then work a little more in. Once I have the entire lenth of my **** in her *** I just hold it there until she is ready, then I take slow short strokes until she starts rocking back letting me know she's ready for a good *** *******. She loves the feeling of me ******* deep in her *** as I play with her **** and ****, this also helps as she gets more relaxed, so unless you have an *** you could drive a truck in go slow and work yourself up to a ****. Remember it's about your pleasure as well as his and he should understand this as well. Good luck and remember to use plenty of good lube, we buy a bottle at the adult store and use it with her toys as well.

A word about lube: Avoid hand and body lotions. They can be irritating to your rectum. Surgical jelly like KY is good. Vaseline is OK but will leave you feeling greasy for a while. If nothing else is available, vegetable oil will work but it tends to run and drip. I've heard about people using butter but have not tried it myself.

But KY is not very slippery as a lube, and dries up quickly. There are better water-based lubes out there, not to mention the silicon oils, which only dry very slowly and are extremely slippery.

The two most important things you need to know are.... 1. Use plenty of lube. 2. relax and take your time. I have a thick ***** I play with and I have gotten used to it. It is very thick and I have no problem taking it. There is a little pain initially but once its in it is all pleasure. I got one with a suction cup so I dont have to hold it. I will be happy to give you more info if you want to send me a private msg.

My wife and I tried it but it hurt her and I can't do that to her. Either her *** is very small or my **** is big...not sure. Advice would be nice!

Be relaxed; maybe have a warm bath and a massage first. Use lots of lube on you and on him. Instead of him pushing into you, you can push back on him when you feel ready. You might want to try you on top. When it hurts, back off, wait a few seconds, and try again. Go slow and gradually. When he gets in, take a minute to get used to the feeling before you start pumping. Always remember that you want this experience rather than feel like it is being imposed upon you. My wife and I practice anal sex a few times a month and this includes her doing me with a strap-on.

Don't bother about the ***** and all that ****. You don't want to **** your own ***, you want to have a male in there. Who knows what he's doing. Find a bi or a gay friend and ask him frankly if he will **** you in the ***. It's up to him to know how to relax you so your ring spreads, how to time the penetration of the well-lubricated member, how to pause as you gasp and have an urgent burning pain, which will subside in a terrible desire (imaginary though) to have a bowel movement. If he's bi or gay he's used to that. Once you're ready he'll slide in completely and **** you gently. If he's bi he'll flicker your **** and will know how to make you beg to be ****** with your *** full, if he's gay he's not gonna touch your **** but he'll know exactly what to do with your *** as well, tenderly but firmly. You'll be sore, of course, but it's well worth the price. After all, having your hymen broken through did hurt too, didn't it?<br />
There is another dimension, though. I notice you claim to be an extremely conservative and deeply religious person. These types of persons rarely enjoy anal sex because they have a subconscious block against it, which means in particular they rarely relasx their anus enough to male anal sex good for either them or their partners. On the other hand, maybe having your *** ****** and made wider by regular anal sex would give you a more open and relaxed outlook on the world. Which is possibly why you want to try.

I believe in God and I love him,But I never said I was a saint!Who dont like sex? It feels good Im only human!!!

Ok, so my advice stands. If you want pancakes, you get someone to make pancakes for you who has already cooked some and knows how to. If you want to be ****** in the *** and learn to enjoy it, you find someone you like and who is experienced with anuses.

Yes if God didn't want us to have anal sex, why did He/She make it feel so good?

Actually I think what Osiris is saying is not incompatible with what I and other say. Of course practice with an experienced person is good, but an experienced person is not always available. So in the meantime practice with a ***** can help you along until you find somebody ready to do you.

Get some good lube and a *****...lie flat on ur back with legs bent back over ur stomach ...lke normal missionary ******* position....lube ur ******* well an slowly insert the *****....first ur will feel the outer ring resisting..persist and the dlldo will pop into ur anal canal ..the slowly push it inside deeply..at the same time take deep breaths and try to relax ur anal muscles...once in u will feel ur body trying to eject the *****....learn to relax and keep it in for some time.....do this a few times and u will be ready for a **** up ur ***...good luck...

I agree with the above. Experiment with a small well lubricated small ***** at first. About 1 inch thick is quite enough to start with.
If it stings or hurts when you first put it in, withdraw and put a bit more lube on your bum hole and then try again. You will be a little loser the second time.
Once the ***** is inside just relax and stroke yourself so that you become hot. After a while you will become used to the *****. Once your are used to the first small ***** you can move up to something a little larger and more the size of a man's ****.
Use flexible ******. Do not use jelly ****** (lots of people react badly to them). A double ended ***** (dong) is safe should you happen to push it all in. Other shapes can get "lost".
Go slowly. This is about pleasure not torture.

seriously go down to your local sex shop and they have a lube you can use and it numbs the area so you can enjoy it without all the pain !!! it really does work.

Do you no the name?

if you go down there they will help, but it might be as simple as anal lube

I just went and got some Analese,hope it works! Nice hot bath a glass of wine...Then lights off!

It was cheap only $7.99

good luck and have fun !!!

Thanks I'll see:)

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