The First ****** In Her ***

I love to **** my girlfriend in the ***, and sometimes she likes to lick and finger-**** mine. I am a skinny guy, who had some gay encounters before start dating girls (and for the most of my male to male encounters, I loved to be the bottom).
We never talked about anal sex, it just happened. The first time it was my thumb in her ******* while we ****** doggy stile. I looked at her buttocks wide spread like offering his dark hole wet in ***** juice. I put mi finger in her anus and she said nothing. I hear her moaning and then she started to move her butt letting my finger go deep as it could, carving for another place of her inner self.
Her *** become for us like a sort of devotion. 
 I had always tried to be careful, not to harm her her with my fingers, knowing first handed how bad could it be, you know, without enough lubricant, or to enter her to forcefully. I tease her *** for tow months, licking her ***** while fingering her ***, It made her *** pretty hard sometimes.
This time i was licking her *****  an ***, she ended very, VERY, wet. I loved to **** her like that, just before she came, and try to make her come another time with my ****. We started to **** harder, then it slipped and re-entered in the other hole, and continued almost like nothing.
 She came like her ******* was melting, and that s how I had  the first ******  while ******* her *******.
mrskinny mrskinny
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

There is nothing like taking a women's ***. I love the tight ring as it squeezes and the warm and soft feeling just beyond the strangle hold on my ****.

She's lucky. A woman whose anus is ****** by a man who experienced being both an anal top and an anal bottom will get the best anal sex there can be.