There Is No Feeling Like...

There is no feeling like being deep, snug, tight within a beautiful woman's rectum, looking at her heavy buttocks clenching upon your ****,. feeling her gasp with every move of your **** inside the sheath, and suddenly feeling yourself become huge, feeling her tighten as she feels you even larger than she ever thought you could be, and then the ***** spurts out, but slowly, dribbling, exploding like stars at the tip of your penis, like a spring flowing slowly in warm sand, and you lose consciousness of all your surroundings, except for her gasps and screams, but as much as her anus is burning her buttocks come up to your belly, and she spoons as close to you as she can, the pain and pleasure make her wince but excite her beyond belief, while your thighs cling to hers, and you have the feeling, the incredible feeling, of having passed through her rectum in another dimension, coming into space, opening a new door.
Is it as good with men? Different. Women are tighter but their ***** are wider. Men have wider rectums but the buttocks are tauter. But it is...still wonderful in all possible ways.And you can play with a **** and balls where women have only a puny little ****. 
My dream, if I ever could? Buggering a husband and a wife, one after the other, to sample who has the sweetest, softest, tightest rectum. Who yould go first? The woman, of course. It would make her husband incredibly horny to watch her get it up the butt, and in turn, as she massages some Polysporin into her sore *******, she would really enjoy watching him get sore in turn, knowing perfectly well how he feels...
Sekhmet96 Sekhmet96
61-65, M
Jan 21, 2013