Best Wife Ever

She had said never, but after making her *** like crazy when I slipped a finger in while licking her ****, that changed. She loves a finger in her *** when we ****, that almost always leads to begging for my ****. Add some dirty talk & some times I'm lucky to get it in before I cream. Lubed up with *** makes her want it harder. I love to get her doggy style then so I can see our beautiful mess and her pink hole. When she spreads her cheeks as I glide in & out, looks back at me, & ask like seeing my dirty *** covered **** stretching her ***, I blow again. 1 small part of why I love her so much
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4 Responses Jan 24, 2013

Thats sounds seriously hot

I also like hearing her talk dirty while watching my **** going in and out of her ***.

good to know u r happy

i did it many time and i adore it , i like the feel of my shaft filling their pink hole

I always repeat an anal ****. Being midly sore makes women really hot. Of course you have to put cream on and in it afterwards, but isn't delightful to play with their freshly ****** *******?

It's just such a good orifice for sex, that's all. In men and in women.

I want someone to play with my arsehole after they've ****** it, no fair!