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Hello, I love anal sex, however as a sizable male every girl I've ever been with has either been too scared or it really hurt them when i tried even as gentle as possible. I don't know what to do. I love it, but I don't want to hurt people. Should i just give up on it?
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Yea. I like it too. But my man is so big it just hurts me. No matter what we try. He's at least 9 inches. And thick. Real thick. Painful

Don't give up. It's not the size. It's mental and physical preparation. I'd gladly take every inch of a big D in my a**

No. Don't give up on it. My man has a huge ****. But when we met I was already into anal. Get some Anal Ease. It helps. And there's a lune called liquid silk. It's real good too. It still hurts right at first. But we go slow. He eases it in slow. Once I adjust to it I spread my. *** apart and it deals so good

Use more lube and rub the girl's **** so it's more pleasure not pain

I luv anal,not that i suggestd,my x wife placed my **** in2 her anus once,the grip around my ****.i kept begging for it untill one moment she couldn't empty her bowl and i had to manuelly push my hand into her anus to help her.from then on she refusd and i lost interest in her and make for another partner who luvs it cos i hev a huge long ****..

OMG I love anal. My husband has a wide girth and huge head. I begging for him to pound my &$$. while he spanks me. we use a spreader bar for better penitration. I get so turned on that I'm like a water faucet. its the sex I ever have

Pain is part of the pleasure. True anal ****** comes through pain and discomfort and submissiveness. Believe me, I've had lots of **** up there and "Sizeable" is not a problem, small or thin girthed is a problem. The thicker you are the more you intrude and the more intense the rush and ****** for the recipient. Try finding someone submissive or try it on a guy first, there's plenty who will welcome your size.

alright, thanks

Part of the problem may lie in your own tension. You seem from profile and stories to be very tense - possibly following your break-up - and this is usually a lot more pronounced in young men. Why do I not connect? Why don't girls come to me? and the way it works is that the more these bad vibes are produced in your own brain, the more they affect your relationship with other people, and not only social intercourse in general, but sexual intercourse in the bedroom. Remember that a girl who's going to be assfucked by you has to fight conditioning against using her anus for sex (she's been taught ever since she had her period that anal sensitivity was a thing of childhood, she now had with her vagina a sexual hole), fight a real tension because she knows her *** is tight and your penis hard and large, and it will definitely hurt as long as she's not used to you, and therefore will not be fully relaxed as she should. If your negative vibes makes her even less relaxed, her anal ring will tighten involuntarily and she'll feel hurt immediately - even though your size may not necessarily hurt her in other circumstances. My advice is to **** her while spooning, from the back, making sure her vagina enjoys the ride, and then, when she is fully relaxed, slide your lubricated glans inside her anus, holding her firmly. She'll howl and will reflexively try to balance her body forward, but if you hold her there will immediately be a couter-movement and that will get most of your **** in with a second squeal, but one acknowldeging her defeat since she's now buggered. Just let her get used to your size, you will slide naturally to the balls as she moans, and make sure you caress breasts and **** till you bring her on the verge of ****** - but don't allow her to ******. If you hold her there she'll milk your **** like crazy even though she may have cramps in her butt (but your feet also have cramps when you learn how to skate, and you don't stop but persevera until skating comes naturally...) and, after you've filled her bowel and let her **** ******, stay inside her, be tender, and probably doze off together. Just don't make too many back-and-forth moves that would make her anus very sore.

okay, that's actually really helpful thank you. now i just have to get over my ex and get with soeone new haha

Just make sure you don't tear her rectal walls. So back-and-forth moves are not to be advised until she's really stretched and trained - and even then proceeed slowly. If she wants a long-term relationship with you it's important for her to know anal sex will always be part of it. Otherwise you're both in for a lot of useless frustration. If she only wants to use it for pooping...well, better find another girl!

A little pain is part of the pleasure. An anus has to be sore after a ****.

When you say sizable, what do you mean. My husband is in no way small and he and I enjoy plenty of anal sex. Are you preparing her for it or are you just trying to jab it in? Take your time give her a good ******* first then give her ******* a licking. Follow this with some lube and your fingers first. Then she should be able to take you at least a little at a time. Not many ladies around can just bend over and accept a decent sized **** up their ***. Take it easy and you should be O.K.

I have tried spit, lube, being gentle, slowly rubbing and lightly fingering. But i'm 6'2" in the first place so i have giant hands, and sizable as in rather long and decently wide. I like petite girls so even with being gently and everything...it still hurts them too much :/

Like i'm definetly no stranger to sex. I just can't seem to do anal without hurting someone a lot. The only time i successfully did it with lube my ex cried a lot and i had to stop even though she said just keep going. I felt like i was like breaking her or something with how much pain she was in :/

Pain turns into pleasure after a while. Take it slowly and if the girl says to go on just go on. Obviously your sex partners have to be stretched but remember their turds are always bigger than your penis...

Not necessarily!! Everyone piops different

Yes, but most girls make turds larger than a penis...

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