I Love It But Can Only Get It Myself

I love anal penetration but am ashamed to tell my girl friend that I would like to be penetrated in the bum with a *****. Often I do it myself.
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I was embarrassed that anal sex turned me on so much, but if it was turns you on then you have to accept it ^_^

I was seeing a guy that although he said he enjoyed my oral technique always had a difficult time "closing the deal". I was beginning to feel a bit discouraged as most men I had been with couldn't last too long once my mouth worked it's magic. Anyway, one night as we lay together just playing I asked him how much he trusted me....he responded with "a lot".....I started working my oral magic on him again to which he promptly rose to attention and gladly accepted. As I worked on him I slowly, gently slid my finger into his very tight bum. He gasped and tensed up a bit. I stopped pushing my finger but kept up the oral, until I felt him relax. My finger slid almost effortlessly the rest of the way into his rectum and he began moaning. His breathing picked up and I continued the steady motion of rubbing his prostate while I nursed his stiffening rod. I added external prostate play with my thumb rubbing the "secret spot" until he could take it no longer.....he let out a huge cry of ecstasy and practically blew my head off with the warm seed that flowed from him. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed load after load as he continued to shoot. Exhausted and breathless he smiled and said "what the heck was that?" I smiled back and said "the closest thing to heaven on earth." We collapsed and fell asleep....I woke the next morning to his stiffening wake up call and we did it all over again.

Ask for a finger or two while she suck you or finger your self ...

I love anal both giving and receiving, but sorry guys only from girls. My late wife and I had a thing with a double headed sick where one end was in my ***, the other in her ***** and my **** in her and all at the same time! Sheer XTC!!!

I loved your post. I anxiously await till I can do the same for him, I will work diligently to please him and have him enjoy anal. I would love to make love to him with a strap on and show how good it is.

My ex husband agreed to letting me f his a and he layed on his belly, his d k very hard and I spread his legs open a little and using my smallest lubed up vibrator slowly pressed on his anus until it accepted it and was so cautious. Then when he was taking it pretty well I increased entering all the way and in and out some. It was liberating! He spread his legs more and I tickled his balls with my other hand and slipped in a 7 inch vibrator slowly and he said, OH right there I think that is the prostate. He wanted me to press on it and he was moaning and his legs open wide and I slid it out and in more forcefully until he had his booty in the air and he was taking it. He creamed in the pillow under his belly and I remember pulling out the ***** and seeing his anus still open and freshly used. It was great. We didnt do it again but once I suggested to shave him and put a diaper on him after he admitted his fantasy was to be peed on. He really enjoyed this and he had a stiff one in his diaper and although he didnt pee it I opened it and layed it open where I then squatted over him and peed on him. It was difficult to do this cause it was out of the ordinary and he liked it a lot though. I switched places with him on a dry adult diaper and he peed over my hart c lit and it felt good but no great thing. I would love to give a guy anal with a large one bent over in front of me and watch him take it.

my boyfriend loves this :) i find it a turn on sometimes i slide my vibrator in his *** and rub the spot between his balls and *** :)

I'd only ever experimented with fingers but then I was lucky enough to meet a girl who not long after I met her shoved her finger in my bum whilst she was giving me a *******. She was worried that I'd be shocked when she realised that I enjoyed it she suggested bringing her toys round next time and I've never looked back. In fact I enjoyed it so much I went and got my own toys. Since then I've introduced a few girls to the pleasure of a finger in the bum during anal sex and the reaction has generally been positive once they've got over the initial surprise.

My ex loved anal sex and introduced me to it.It makes it much more intense.She even bought a strap on penis and done me with it.I love it.I think she liked doing me better than she did me doing her at times.

I am the same way about having my balls smacked. It would hurt normally but when i am turned on it drives me insane! I am embarrassed about it though and dont ask for it for that reason.

There are tons of anal toys out there for guys . . . do a search for "prostate massage." Check out aneros, rude boy, etc. I'm not gay at all, but I do love having my wife massage my perinium, and most prostate toys do the same thing . . . internally and externally.

omg I finally found others like me I have a fantasy about being ****** in the *** with a strap on fingers crossed one day :)

i had my first anal experience at 15 in my local pool bathroom. i thought he was to big but before a knew it he was thrusting like a madman

i had my first anal experience at 15 in my local pool bathroom. i thought he was to big but before a knew it he was thrusting like a madman

One thing if anything is don't be ashamed! then you'll find it a lot easier.

One thing if anything is don't be ashamed! then you'll find it a lot easier.

im bi and i've yet to have anal sex. my girlfriend fingers and licks my *** when we have sex. and when we 69 is my favorite cuz she can get right in there with her tounge and **** my ***. i love it. i cant wait for a man to come **** me!


start her with a prostate masage. once she sees how well you react (great *******) you can start experimenting with a strap on. let her do you first and then use your real C**K to make her sing. after she does you, you will be huge and ready. don't forget to play with her ***** while she does you (depending on position). my wife has been doing me for years. we both have a lot of fun

yeah seriously tell her! itd be sooooo hot to do that to a guy i wish one of my boyfriends was ready lol

The only time I got it in the a** was in Vietnam. I was 20 and the mama sain and I were going at it hotter than hell. I had no for warning but one by one she started to push a knoted towel up my as*. We were both so hot i did'nt give a crap at that point what she did. Well just as I was ready to blow my load she started to pull out the towel. OMG I came like a locomotive, and so did she.Wow 40 years later and I could still feel that excitment,Peace Skychef

I love it when my girlfriend puts a finger up me when we are having intercourse. More, more! I think, go farther in! Then I come and feel confused that that is what put me over the edge. I'd like to get rid of all this shame about my body.

Being bi I love the feel of a hard **** in my ***. <br />
****** are fine but once you feel a real **** pumping into your ***, you will want to have more. <br />
Of course you must be opened slowly, especially the first time, lots of lube and fingers first, first one then two, perhaps three if his penis is thick. <br />
I haven't seen a ***** yet that feels the same as a hard ****, and having someone holding your hips as he ***** you hard.<br />
Ed in VA

Okay, I am a adult sexual educator...I just wanted to let all you men and your women know that anal penetration is not what constitutes as "gay" Gay is when you are attracted to the same sex. Heres a little more about anal sex:<br />
Anal sex should not hurt...at all!!! Not even the first time!!!!!<br />
~Anal sex should only be performed when you are ready this goes for guys or girls. To start you should use a small anal plug with lubricant...I do not suggest using lube with numbing effects such as analease. This is because while you are numbing the area you can be causing micro tears within your anus. This is the reason AIDS was so predominant in the gay community. Use something like Wet Platnum, it is a silicone based lubricant and can be used in water play and anal play. <br />
Never use silicone based lubes with silicone toys!!!! This is a BIG NO NO!!!! Silcone "melts" silicone!!! Nothing like opening your toy chest and finding a $400.00 worth of melted silcone, been there, done that!!! Keep silicone toys apart from one another and silcone lube away!<br />
~The males prostate glad can be massaged leading to a mind blowing ******!!! Guess where it is, thats right boys in the bum! So lube up and have some fun!!! <br />
<br />
Since when did sex become so serious, its all about (((coming))) together, feeling great and releasing all the pent up energy!

Wow, well with ME, I was open to trying with her and her toy, but frankly, penetration just doesn't do anything for me. Not pain, not pleasure. Just nothing. I love when she runs her vibrator around my anus from the outside, but everytime we've tried actual penetration, it just doesn't do anything for me. Guess I'm just not wired that way lol

I am the same - although my wife has an inkling and says it's disgusting

There are a lot of men who enjoy anal play but wont admit it . I use to love when my wife used to use toys on me , It only happened a few times and it was a real turn on .<br />
Until one day it all stopped , when i asked her why the sudden top she replied , "Im scared you will enjoy it too much and might turn gay ". Even though i tried to re assure her that that was not going to happen she has never done it again . Mind you she loves me to play and use toys on her and loves me to give her anal stimulation by finger or toys , i dont see her changing her sexuality .

I agree with the other girls!! My ex told me once that he thought he might like it (I think he had already tried it on himself but never had anyone do it to him). So, one night I used one of my toys on him. I LOVED it!! It was so hot. That was probably 4-5 years ago and thinking about it now gets me so wet!! Tell her...if she is open sexually at all, she won't mind and won't think badly of you.

I have done my hubby with one of my toys-it took him awhile to loosen up-but now he really likes it and it is soo hot. Your girlfriend doesn't know what she is missing

You should tell your girlfriend! I would love to do this to my husband and have him bury his **** in my *** at the same time. F***! Now I've got to go ********** again. These stories get me so hot.<br />
Loved your description of what you do to yourself. I love it, but find it hard. I really want some tips of how to be able to take it in the a** for long periods of time.

Soften her up to the idea....with an occasional comment.<br />
I would love to do my man.