Anal Play With Myslef

I really love it, the deep and warm, stretching and challenging feeling of taking something like a big fat ***** deep in my ***. What I sometimes do, and will right now after posting this is get all clean and free of anything, thats really important.
I start by stretching my tight hole with my fingers, with two fingers opening it up using some Vaseline. I have 1 large white ***** and a smaller regular **** sized on in black, this is actually a vibrator. Starting with the smaller one, just lying sideways or on the knees in bed and pushing it in, as deep as it goes or as long as it is. Then I just leave it inside on smooth vibrating for a while and lay and enjoy the feeling which goes through the whole body. Later on, it's the larger ones turn. For this one to go in, as it is not only long but also challengingly wide, I need to put it on the bed side edge or on the floor, free standing, then I kneel over it and take it inside. It can be a bit painful sometimes but it's all about relaxing the muscles and stretching the hole, and all in a sudden it goes smooth in and out. By now my penis would be so rock stiff and pre *** drips from it, I love to taste a bit of it. Whilst I have the large one working my *** I take the vibrator on full speed and play around my penis with it, not using my hands to **** just the vibrations, my hands work on my balls. As I feel that I cant hold back the *** I remove everything from my penis and have it free in the air, move the ***** in my *** harder and stronger until the climax comes anally...and it's very strong this one....something worth trying out. (maybe I should do some pictures and post them somewhere of my play...its so deep and good)
26-30, M
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Oh please put some pics on so all of us girls can look at you ******* yourself and seeing your *** exploding from your rock hard **** wishing I was swallowing your hot juicy *** I'm wanking myself reading your sexy story, apart from big ***** I've had lots of various kinds of objects rammed into my **** over the years including hair spray cans lots of **** shaped vegetables,fruit, anything that would stretch my gay ***** lips an give me an explosive ***, it's amazing what you can take up your *** when you completely relax your **** lips 👄 please hurry and get those horny pics uploaded, want to shoot my gay *** into my hand and lick it all up

Oh...! I can`t get enough of It.... <br />
my buddy and I... we have this dual head ***** is very large and thick I mean thick we both enjoy it very much every Friday night.<br />
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I would want you to do this to me!

Snap - I do the same

I want to hear more... actually, i want to do this to you,<br />
<br />
you should send me some pics of you doing this, so i can see if i wana try it...<br />
<br />
message me!