Trying Anal For The First Time...

Over the last couple months I have developed a very strong fetish towards anal and ***. Anywhere from farting, face sitting, licking, etc.... (Not pooping though). Anyway I have had a anal plug for sometime now from when I use to be a cam model but never used it besides ******* because I was scared to put it in. I bought some nice maximus water based lube and figured I would start to try anal just for solo purposes. I am not gay or bi. just want it for myself. Anyway The first time i tried it started to burn after a bit, I asked around on here and most said it was from small tears from stretching and the lube makes the tears sting. but now i'm on the second day and it did it again with barely any progress... :( I want to know if i'm doing something wrong or if it just takes a long time to be able to stick it in there and use it to ****. The girls in **** videos just make it look so easy. am I not compatible for anal maybe? Please help me or give me some tips in the comments or message me. I could really use some help.
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The tearing is not good trust me, surgery is not fun because of what the tearing does

what does it do?

Biggest thing to do is to be absolutely totally relaxed! Just pretend your about to take a dump. Notice how your sphincter isn't as tight. Try inserting the plug in when it is relaxed. It will feel absolutely amazing once you get it in. :-)

I can start to feel the tip just barely get in there but even when I feel it get in there a little, I just feel a great sensation. I\'m just not sure how fast I should progress. I don\'t want to start to bleed or rip anything or cause damage...

Hopefully you're not trying to launch an enormous plug up there. Think about the largest dump you've done. Far larger craps have been passed than the butt plug you're trying to get in there.

true! bte is it bad to put to much lube on something to insertit? like will it hurt stuff or affect bowel habits if you have to much lube in there? its water based?

Nope. Won't affect any of your bodily functions at all.

There is no such thing as too much lube.

It will only reside in your rectum anyhow. It's not like your putting it into your intestines.

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